New EGO Buses Say Hello to Ankara and Start Their Journeys

Full Note from the First Day to the New Buses from the Capital City
Full Note from the First Day to the New Buses from the Capital City

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide comfort and safety in transportation, in the Capital. kazan85 new EGO buses, which were launched and delivered, started their maiden voyage. The residents of Başkent gave full marks to the high-tech buses that set off by saying 'Hello to Ankara'.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has brought the new buses, which have been eagerly awaited for years, to the Capital. kazannagged.

After the first delivery, 85 new EGO buses started their journey by saying 'Hello to Ankara' and received full marks from the people of the Capital.


Renewing its vehicle fleet for a comfortable and safe public transportation target, EGO General Directorate has already taken delivery of 377 of the 19 buses purchased and added 85 new buses to its fleet.

After the launch ceremony held at the EGO 3rd Region Campus, the residents of Başkent, who got on the high-tech buses with the Hittite Sun emblem and red-white bellows for the first time, stated that the bus waiting times were reduced and expressed their appreciation with the following words:

Hassan Sezer: “I got on this bus for the first time and I liked it very much. I was fascinated by the color and interior.”

Sinan Happy : “Very comfortable and wider and quieter than other cars. It was remarkable and heartwarming.”

Esma Bugdayci: “I was waiting for the EGO vehicle on the line I was on and I was having trouble, but today I waited a little. None of us could get on because of the intensity. I also liked the interior and exterior of the car very much.”

Victorious North: “Congratulations to our President and his hard work. I am particularly pleased that it has put these new buses into service. The application he has made is an application that will touch the interests of all Ankara residents. The color of the Turkish Flag cannot be more dignified and proud than this.”

Hussein Asli: “The service is not bad. I like the new EGO buses. He used to come here every 45 minutes. Now it comes in succession. You are very satisfied.”

Ceren Ekinci: “When I got out of school today, I waited less and normally I expected more. I really liked the interior and exterior of the car.”

EGO bus driver Nurettin Gürkanteber, who stated that the citizens liked the new EGO buses very much and wished them good luck, said, “4. I work in the area. The response of our citizens is very good. They thank our mayor by wishing him good luck," he said.

By the end of 2022, the Metropolitan Municipality will put 355 new buses, 22 of which are new buses and 377 of which are converted electric buses, into the service of Ankara residents.

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