Temsa's Environmental Buses Increase Their Number on Israel's Roads

Temsa's Environmental Buses Increase Their Number on Israel's Roads
Temsa's Environmental Buses Increase Their Number on Israel's Roads

TEMSA's environmentally friendly E6 diesel engine LF12 model takes its place on Israeli roads. Delivering 48 vehicles to Dalhom Motors, one of Israel's largest operators, TEMSA has included a total of 83 TEMSA branded vehicles in the company's fleet within a year, with the last shipment.

TEMSA, which has made important deliveries with its export attack in the European market, continues its growth in different geographies. With the public transportation systems it has developed, TEMSA continues to offer the most suitable vehicles to the markets, both at home and abroad.

Offering modern solutions to cities, TEMSA's environmentally friendly LF6 model with E12 diesel engine continues to increase its number on Israeli roads. Finally, TEMSA, one of the largest operators in Israel, Dalhom Motors Ltd. company delivered the vehicle.

Under the contract, 48 LF12 model TEMSA vehicles were included in the company's fleet. With the last shipment, the number of TEMSA branded vehicles increased to 83 within a year, and the last vehicles purchased ready to enter the line in Israel will be put into the service of the people of Netanya, Israel on January 1, 2022.


Reflecting its experience in city transportation solutions to buses, TEMSA designed the 48 LF12 models, which were shipped, down to the smallest detail. All the options requested by Dalhom Motors Ltd., one of Israel's largest operators, were included with the TEMSA signature, and there were remarkable details. TEMSA and Dalhom Motors Ltd. In cooperation with the vehicles, all the options including the operator's special requests such as the destination board and ticket machine were completed in the TEMSA factory.

Underlining that TEMSA's effectiveness in foreign markets is increasing day by day, TEMSA Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing Hakan Koralp said, “For TEMSA, 2021 has been a year of growth and solid progress in the markets in which it is located. Finally, we believe that the fleet of 83 vehicles we delivered to Israel within a year will not only keep up with the city's architecture, but also set an example for the 'Smart cities' vision with its economic, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly structure. At the end of a year in which we had a say in the European market, we took a solid position in the Middle East market with this delivery.” said.

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