TCG UFUK Intelligence Ship in the Service of the Turkish Navy

TCG UFUK Intelligence Ship in the Service of the Turkish Navy
TCG UFUK Intelligence Ship in the Service of the Turkish Navy

The first domestic and national intelligence ship of the Turkish Naval Forces, A-2020 TCG UFUK, which was announced to be delivered at the end of 591, was delayed in inventory.

TCG UFUK Intelligence Ship, built by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) in Istanbul Shipyard under the main contractor of STM, was put into service within the framework of Türk Loydu Military Ship Classification Rules.

In August 2021, it was reported that the Sea Acceptance Tests (SAT) of the Test and Training Ship TCG UFUK, whose equipment activities for Signal Intelligence (SIGINT&ELINT) capabilities continue, are continuing. It was previously stated that the A-591 TCG UFUK intelligence ship will be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces on 31 July 2020. However, in the statement made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the subject, it was announced that TCG Ufuk would be delivered to the Naval Forces Command at the end of 2020.

According to the information obtained by Defense Turk, we have previously stated that the delivery date of TCG UFUK, which is planned to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces on July 31, 2020 under normal conditions, was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Turkish Intelligence Ship TCG UFUK

TCG Ufuk is 99,5 meters long. The four 2 kVA electric generators on the ship with a full displacement of 400 tons were produced by İŞBİR.

The ship, which can perform tasks such as SIGINT and ELINT and can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots per hour, was built in 30 blocks. The ship, which has an antenna equipment similar to the ÇAFRAD radar system, also has a runway suitable for the landing and take-off of 10-ton class helicopters. TCG Ufuk, which has the ability to operate in harsh climatic and sea conditions, can operate uninterruptedly in the open sea for 45 days.

About Türk Loydu

Türk Loydu; In the adventure that started with the classification of TCG Lieutenant Colonel Kudret Güngör, which was put into service in 1996, and extended to TCG Anadolu, which will be Turkey's largest warship when delivered, it has been included in nearly 200 national and international military projects, which are considered to be the source of pride of our country. has taken place.

Source: defenceturk

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