TCDD Onsite Solution Team, on GAZİRAY and High Speed ​​​​Train Line

TCDD Onsite Solution Team, on GAZİRAY and High Speed ​​​​Train Line
TCDD Onsite Solution Team, on GAZİRAY and High Speed ​​​​Train Line

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which gave Turkey its golden age in transportation, continues its investments in Gaziantep as well. Metin Akbaş, General Manager of TCDD, examined the railway works in Gaziantep together with the "On-Site Solution Team".

Metin Akbaş, General Manager of TCDD, who examined the railway works on-site with the “On-site Solution Team” for modernization and new projects in railways, said, “We act with the motto 'Life Begins When It Arrives'. Under the leadership of our Ministry, we are also investing in urban transportation. We will bring the people of Gaziantep together with Gaziray.”

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General Manager Akbaş, who made investigations at Gaziantep Gaziray and High Speed ​​​​Train (HT) Station with his expert team, obtained detailed information from the personnel about the progress of the construction works.

Later, he visited the Gaziray and HT lines with a motor train, made technical examinations and received information. General Manager Akbaş, who examined the works carried out at Seyrantepe, Mustafa Yavuz and Taşlıca Stations on the line route together with the "On-Site Solution Team", identified the deficiencies on the spot and talked to the personnel about their solutions.

General Manager Akbaş examined the stations and infrastructure and superstructure works between Taşlıca and Başpınar and gave instructions to the personnel to eliminate the deficiencies.

In the examination carried out in Başpınar Logistics Directorate, he asked the personnel to focus on the issues that must be followed in terms of safety and operation.

After the inspections, General Manager Metin Akbaş met with the representatives of the contractor companies at the two construction sites, the construction process of which continues, and held an evaluation meeting. At the meeting where safety and security issues were discussed, projects on freight transportation were discussed and ideas were exchanged.

General Manager Metin Akbaş was attended by Deputy General Manager Turgay Gökdemir, Regional Manager Oğuz Saygılı, Head of Railway Modernization Department Selim Bolat and his assistants, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality managers and contractor company officials during the examinations held in Gaziantep.

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