On-Site Solution Studies by TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş

On-Site Solution Studies by TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş
On-Site Solution Studies by TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş

Metin Akbaş, General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), examined the 3rd and 4th line construction works in Köseköy-İzmit-Gebze with the “On-Site Solution Team” for modernization and new projects in railways. He discussed the project studies on the railway port connections between Gebze and Köseköy.

Visiting the field with a technical team of 20 people, General Manager Akbaş received information about the progress of the construction works, called the institutions for some issues and suggested solutions.

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General Manager Metin Akbaş first made observations at Köseköy Logistics Field and then at Izmit YHT Station. He was informed about the works carried out on the 60-kilometer railway and the progress of the projects.

General Manager Akbaş, who instructed the completion of the works on the railway bridge Diliskelesi Station, which is under construction in Dilovası, went to Tavşancıl Station and instructed the on-site solution team to restore the station.

The Onsite Solution Team then toured the Belde Port and held a meeting about the junction lines projects.

Saying that as TCDD, we will support economic mobility, General Manager Metin Akbaş said, “We will bring our ports together with the railway. By visiting the field, we identify problems on the spot and produce quick solutions. We worked on new projects to better serve our country and nation. We will make Izmit, a production city, stronger in terms of logistics.” said.

Finally, the delegation held an evaluation meeting with the team within the scope of the "Solution on Site" Program. Deputy General Manager Turgay Gökdemir, 1st Region Manager Necmettin Acar and his assistants, Head of Modernization Department Selim Bolat, railway engineers and technical team participated in the "On-Site Solution" Studies.

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