TCDD Çankırı Scissor Factory Has Signed a First in the Public Sector by Receiving TS EN 13232 Certificate

TCDD Signed a First in the Public by Receiving TS EN 13232 Certificate
TCDD Signed a First in the Public by Receiving TS EN 13232 Certificate

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) continues to reap the fruits of its devoted efforts. TCDD Çankırı Switch Factory Directorate, which is one of the most important centers producing switchgear for railways and has been producing switchgear in accordance with TS EN 1992 railway applications-railway standards with its own design, project design and R&D since 13232, has been appointed by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) to TS EN 13232 railway applications-right to receive the certificate of conformity with railway standards kazanwas.

TCDD Çankırı Scissor Factory, which is one of the important centers that meet the switch needs in Turkey's railways and continues its activities with a local rate of 93 percent, has been determined to be suitable in terms of quality management system, production adequacy, machine park and capacity as a result of the examinations made by the TSE and has been awarded the "TS EN 13232 Certificate of Conformity". "Right to receive kazanwas. This document was given to TCDD Çankırı Scissor Factory Directorate for the first time in our country by TSE. The factory also has ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. It also has the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates.

“TSE Certificate of Conformity” was presented to TSE President Prof. Dr. It was presented to TCDD General Manager Mr. Metin AKBAŞ by Adem ŞAHİN. Speaking at the ceremony, General Manager Akbaş said, “Our factory has an important place in the production of railway scissors. As a result of the devoted work of our personnel, we are entitled to receive this certificate by TSE. kazansteep. As a public institution, we are happy and proud to receive this document.”

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