We Need an Increase in Domestic Brands for Sustainable Development

We Need an Increase in Domestic Brands for Sustainable Development
We Need an Increase in Domestic Brands for Sustainable Development

📩 01/12/2021 13:50

The delegation of the Turkish Retailers Federation (TPF), the largest umbrella organization of organized retail, held its third face-to-face meeting, after İzmir and Ankara, in Gaziantep, a part of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network, hosted by Şölen. The meeting, which was organized to strengthen the unity and solidarity among the members, was held with the participation of TPF Board Members, PERDER Presidents, Çukurova, Van and Güney PERDER members. After the meeting, where the situation of food retail, economic developments and topics that will increase the efficiency of the enterprises were discussed, the delegation toured the Gaziantep production facility of Şölen, which exports to 120 countries from Turkey.

In order to strengthen the unity and solidarity between local chains and to evaluate the developments in the sector, the meetings held in a different city every month under the leadership of the Turkish Retailers Federation continue at full speed. After İzmir and Ankara, the TPF delegation held its third face-to-face meeting in Gaziantep, hosted by Şölen. The meeting held in Gaziantep, which is the first city to represent Turkey in the Creative Cities Network (UCCN) among UNESCO's 116 cities in the field of gastronomy, attended the meeting held in Gaziantep, TPF Chairman of the Board Ömer Duzgun, TPF Board Members, regional presidents, Silk Road, Çukurova. , Van and Southeast PERDER members attended. During the two-day event, developments in food retail and the economy were discussed. In the organization, which also included agendas to increase the productivity of businesses, activities to be realized by local chains in the upcoming period were planned.

Stating that the coronavirus pandemic, which has left deep traces in all sectors and the economy on a global scale, will begin to wrap up rapidly in the second quarter of 2022, TPF Chairman of the Board Ömer Duzgun said, “We are following the reflections of these traces in all sectors in the process we are in. We will overcome all negativities by acting as one heart, with our past experiences and the strength we will derive from all our stakeholders. For the sustainable development of our country, it needs local capital, new employment, new investments and local brands like us. As local chains, we are ready to take part in all kinds of projects that will improve our industry and the country's economy, and to do our part.”


In the event, the industry 4.0 equipped factory of Şölen, the important representative of Gaziantep in the food sector, called “Turkey's Chocolate Factory”, was also visited. “Chasing dreams, insisting on the decisions taken, being innovative by being different in the sector bring success. Exporting chocolate and chocolate products to more than 120 countries around the world with its production technology and capacity, Şölen is one of the most important success stories in our sector. It is proof that those who do not give up on their dreams in unity and integrity will overcome all kinds of negativity. Our country needs local brands like Şölen, new success stories, and those who add value to their country with all their stakeholders.”

Elif Çoban, CEO of Şölen, who said that Şölen is a very young company that is also committed to its values, determined, determined and brave, said, “We always use what we gain from these lands to invest in these lands by making new investments focused on technology, food safety and innovation. . Our Gaziantep facility, which we call “Turkey's Chocolate Factory”, is an exemplary investment that Şölen has brought to the Turkish economy and sector. In our facility, which has all the requirements of Industry 4.0, we produce with robot technology, smart warehouse managed by artificial intelligence and advanced automation. From now on, we will continue our efforts to offer the highest quality products to consumers and to contribute to the Turkish economy. While doing this, our values ​​coming from our roots will continue to be our guide.”

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