Security Measure to Collapsed Retaining Wall in Narlıdere

Security Measure to Collapsed Retaining Wall in Narlıdere
Security Measure to Collapsed Retaining Wall in Narlıdere

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was alarmed for the retaining wall between two buildings in Narlıdere, which collapsed with the effect of precipitation. Metropolitan teams working in the region carried out shotcrete work in the area where the collapse occurred in order to prevent landslides before the expected rains and to ensure the safety of the two buildings.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality intervened in the retaining wall that collapsed in Narlıdere with the effect of the continuous heavy rains last week. After the incident that took place in Narlıdere 8nd İnönü Mahallesi Özkarakaya Caddesi at 18.00 yesterday (Wednesday, December 2th), 88 flats were evacuated to ensure the safety of the citizens. Teams affiliated to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs also mobilized to ensure security in the area.

Shotcrete work for building safety

The teams started work in the area where the wall was demolished to prevent possible landslides in the region, despite the Meteorology Regional Directorate's warning that the rains would increase the effect. First, the floor in the area of ​​the collapsing retaining wall was leveled and then covered with quick-drying shotcrete. Thus, the contact of the soil with air and rain water was prevented and precautions were taken against the possible risk of collapse.

Will ensure safety

Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, Head of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department, who follows the works in the region, gave information about the ongoing processes. Yılmaz said, “Since yesterday evening, safety measures have been taken regarding the evacuation of buildings. At the first stage, there is no structural problem in the buildings at the moment. No cracks or damage due to slipping. But with the thought that if the sliding continues, there may be danger in the buildings, we started the shotcrete work, which we call 'shutgrid', in the area where the collapsing retaining wall is located. This was done to temporarily prevent soil run-off. We cut the contact of the soil with the air and take a safety precaution. Our municipality will prepare a project for this place, and then necessary studies will be carried out. Narkent Site will be made safe.”

The teams of the Department of Science Affairs completed the work by working until the night hours.

As soon as the Social Services Department received the news of the collapse of the retaining wall, it went to the region and sided with the citizens. Hot soup, tea and food were distributed both throughout the night and today. In addition, 10 people who did not have a place to go were hosted at the hotel that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has contracted.

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