'Messenger' Support Coming to Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

'Messenger' Support Coming to Ray-Ban Smart Glasses
'Messenger' Support Coming to Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Launching the smart glasses designed in cooperation with Ray-Ban's parent company Luxottica this year, Facebook was almost a rival to the Go-Pro. The smart glasses, called 'Ray-Ban Stories', have 5 cameras with a resolution of 2 MP. In addition, you can listen to music and make phone calls thanks to the speaker on the glasses.

Facebook is now bringing a new Messenger anchor to Stories smart glasses. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, under the new name, said in a statement on Wednesday that notifications can be sent and received via Stories glasses. Zuckerberg shares that this feature, which will come with the new update, is just the beginning for Stories glasses and that they will continue to work in this area in the future.

More updates will follow in 2022

When Stories smart glasses first went on sale, they were limited to taking photos and images, as well as making phone calls and listening to music. With the new upcoming update, the glasses will now have a communication feature. According to the statement from Zuckerberg, with the Facebook Messenger reinforcement, users will be able to listen to the messages they receive, send new notifications and make voice-calls over Messenger.

In addition, updates are expected in the music experience provided by the glasses. Zuckerberg states that the 'voice command' feature will come to reduce the sound coming from the speakers of Stories. Currently, the volume can be adjusted from the touch areas on the edges of the glasses frame. But the 'voice command' feature can also be included as an extra. What are your intentions about Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses? How do you find this attempt of Facebook after 'Google Glass' glasses? You can share your ideas in the comments section.

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