Priority Training in Ankara Fire Department

Priority Training in Ankara Fire Department
Priority Training in Ankara Fire Department

📩 20/12/2021 12:55

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department gives priority to personnel training in order to prevent loss of life and property by responding to incidents quickly and more effectively. 300 personnel at the Ankara Fire Department received both theoretical and practical training on occupational health and safety and advanced driving training.

The Ankara Fire Department, which works hard to prevent loss of life and property by intervening in the events immediately, also focuses on training activities.

Collaborating with the Department of Health Affairs, Ankara Fire Department also provided practical and theoretical advanced driving training, especially occupational safety and health training, to its 300 personnel.


In the training that lasted for 2 days, fire brigade personnel; from occupational safety experts and many expert trainers to firefighters; He received training on Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Threats (CBRN), working at high angles, advanced driving techniques and animal behavior.

Stating that they attach importance to the training of Ankara Fire Department personnel, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head Salih Kurumlu said:

“We have prepared a training program jointly with the Department of Health Affairs. We receive training on the subjects we need from occupational health and safety experts. We do these trainings annually. This year, we did a study on advanced driving techniques, CBRN, animal behavior, working at high angles. Our aim is to fight quickly and effectively with trained personnel and to minimize the loss of life and property.”

Advanced Driving Techniques Specialist Ferami Caner Çetintaş also gave the following information about the training they provided:

“We gave Ankara Fire Brigade personnel first theoretical and then practical training on safe driving techniques. We explained the information practically. The aim here is to raise awareness. Aim; to teach how to use the vehicles used in situations such as altitude, braking, weather conditions.”


High Angle Working Trainer Volkan Güven, who emphasized that they aim to raise the awareness of firefighters about the ability to respond and work discipline at high points in possible natural disasters and fires, said, “We trained the Ankara Fire Brigade through a wide-angle study for working at height. There are many different types of rescues. If a direct evacuation from the entrance of the building is not possible, we provided information on a wide-angle evacuation and rescue,” said Assoc. Dr. Mesut Ortatatlı made the following evaluations:

“We are the only academic and university branch of science dealing with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons in Turkey. We also provided information on CBRN within the scope of occupational health and safety training at the Ankara Fire Department. We provided training to our firefighters, who heroically sacrificed their lives, about what kind of dangers and threats await in the regions where they work, and what to do against these risks.”

Stating that the training they received was beneficial, the firefighters also expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Mustafa Karaman (Ankara Fire Brigade Driver): “I have been a vehicle driver for the Ankara Fire Department for 28 years. We received training on occupational safety related to our profession. Information and practice for advanced technical driving were given. It has been very helpful.”

Yusuf Zor (Ankara Fire Brigade Driver): “We received theoretical and then practical training on occupational safety. Thank you for these trainings given to us to respond to the incidents quickly and safely.”

Özgün Topal (Ankara Fire Brigade Driver): “I have been working as a driver in Ankara Fire Department for 3 years. In order to respond to the incidents effectively and quickly, we received important practical training on occupational safety first, and then on advanced driving techniques.

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