Elegance at its Peak 'DS 7 CROSSBACK ELYSÉE'

Elegance at its Peak 'DS 7 CROSSBACK ELYSÉE'
Elegance at its Peak 'DS 7 CROSSBACK ELYSÉE'

Stunning with its unique design, DS 7 CROSSBACK ÉLYSÉE has joined the French President's vehicle fleet with its armored cabin, extended chassis and special equipment based on the DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4×4 300. The specially redesigned model is among the DS models produced exclusively for the President of France, clearly demonstrating that it deserves to be under the spotlight with its elegant and distinguished appearance and innovative technologies as well as its unique features.

DS models have a long history at the top of the French state. Since the proclamation of the 5. Republic, DS and SM, later DS 5 and DS 7 CROSSBACK have been used by seven presidents. Now, the DS 300 CROSSBACK ÉLYSÉE presents the elegance at its peak, with the brand new all-wheel drive system and the E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid power unit in Ink Blue, producing 7 hp.

Able to function as a mobile office

To comply with the specifications required for the President's use, the DS 7 CROSSBACK ÉLYSÉE has been transformed into a vehicle that can function as a mobile office. In order to achieve this, the model has been extended by 20 centimeters from the back of the B-pillar, and the rear legroom has reached up to 545 millimeters. While the rear row of seats is replaced with two single seats, Basalt Black leather craftsmanship brings elegance to the highest level by revealing the unique watch strap design of DS Automobiles. Located under the custom Alcantara® headliner, the two seats are separated by an armrest and are complemented by an open center console document holder as well as wireless chargers and USB ports.

Special antenna for special telecommunication system

DS 7 CROSSBACK ÉLYSÉE stands out with its blue/red flashing lights on the front, detachable flag holders, “RF” badges on the hood, front doors and trunk, as well as special 20-inch wheels and a shark-back antenna for the Presidential telecommunication system. . The total length of the vehicle has reached 4,79 meters, and the wheelbase has been increased by 20 centimeters to 2,94 meters. The width and height of the vehicle remained unchanged at 1,91 meters and 1,62 meters, respectively.

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