Persimmon Is Good for Covid-19

Persimmon Is Good for Covid-19
Persimmon Is Good for Covid-19

An experimental study by Japanese scientists revealed that the tannin substance obtained from persimmon reduces the likelihood of contracting Covid-19 or developing severe symptoms. So, what is persimmon, what are its benefits?

In other words, persimmon, the benefits of this fruit, which should be consumed during the winter months, are endless. In our country, it is mostly grown around Hatay, Mersin and Antalya and on the Black Sea coasts. It contains plenty of vitamins A, B and C, potassium, calcium, zinc and phosphorus.

A research group from the Nara Medical University in the country's Kashihara city has revealed that experiments on hamsters reduce the likelihood of the tannin derived from persimmons being infected or developing serious symptoms from Covid-19.

As part of the study, the results of which were published in the digital version of Scientific Reports in the UK on December 8, researchers who applied a compound containing tannin obtained from persimmon to the oral cavity of hamsters, detected a high rate of viral load and signs of pneumonia in the lungs of hamsters who did not take the substance within 3 days. While low viral density was observed in the lungs of hamsters injected with tannin compound obtained from persimmon, no signs of tuberculosis were observed.

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Japanese scientists announced the fruit that is good for Covid-19. Here are the benefits of that fruit…

What is the name of persimmon?

Persimmon (Diospyros kaki), Persimmon or Mediterranean Date, locally called ambe or amme, is a tree species from the Ebenaceae family, which grows in subtropical climate zones such as the Mediterranean region, and the name given to its fruit. “Date” comes from the Persian name khurmalu, that is, plum date.

What are the benefits of persimmon?

  • Persimmon is a powerful source of antioxidants. Thanks to its antioxidant feature, it prevents the formation of free radicals and helps prevent cancer formation.
  • Persimmon contributes to the function of the body's normal immune system. In this respect, persimmon contributes to the protection of the person from viral or bacterial infections.
  • The vitamins and minerals contained in the date palm contribute to the body's energy metabolism. When evaluated in this context, persimmon is an important energy source. It fights fatigue, stress and exhaustion by supporting energy metabolism. Thanks to the support of energy metabolism, it helps to spend the winter season comfortably.
  • It contributes to the body's resistance.
  • Thanks to the antioxidants in persimmon, it contributes to eye health.
  • It meets the majority of the vitamin C needed by the body. Persimmon, which is an important vitamin C store, strengthens the body's defense mechanism.
  • It helps fight infections while protecting the body against infections.
  • It supports hair and skin health, helps hair to grow regularly, and is effective against hair loss. The water obtained by boiling the leaves of persimmon, when used in hair and skin care, increases the brightness and vitality of the skin and hair. kazanhelps cost.
  • Persimmon, which is a rich source of fiber, supports stomach and intestinal health. It is good for constipation and diarrhea. It can be beneficial to consume, especially for those who have problems in the duodenum. It can be used as a supplement in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. It can help relieve symptoms associated with gastritis and ulcers.
  • Persimmon is often preferred in diet lists. In this respect, it can be said that persimmon is one of the foods that helps to lose weight.
  • Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it supports cardiovascular health. It helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • When used regularly in the nutrition plan, it supports sexual health in a positive way.
  • It is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It helps to stop excessive bleeding seen in hemorrhoid wounds.
  • It raises the sugar level in the blood. However, if you are diabetic, you should pay attention to the amount of daily consumption when consuming persimmon because it contains a high amount of carbohydrates. Along with persimmon, a portion of milk and yogurt should be consumed.
  • Thanks to its rich vitamin A, it reduces the effects of aging. Since vitamin A is one of the vitamins that support the production of collagen in the connective tissue, persimmon plays an active role in tissue repair, bone development, cartilage health and cell renewal.
  • Persimmon is rich in potassium. The potassium contained in it has vasodilating properties. In this way, it helps to regulate blood pressure and supports vascular health. If you have low blood pressure, do not overdo it while consuming this fruit.
  • Thanks to its low sodium levels, it is one of the fruits that hypertension patients can consume.
  • Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it supports the normal function of metabolism.
  • Persimmon helps to cleanse the liver by fighting toxic substances in the body. However, excessive consumption can cause fatty liver.

How many calories in 1 persimmon?

100 grams of persimmon: 73 calories. 1 medium (80 g) persimmon: 58 calories. 1 persimmon persimmon: 118 calories.

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