New Opel Astra in Turkey in Spring 2022

New Opel Astra in Turkey in Spring 2022
New Opel Astra in Turkey in Spring 2022

The legendary compact model of Opel, which made its world premiere with its sixth generation, the New Astra impresses with its aesthetic and unique “made in Germany” design details. The assertive and simple design turns the new Astra into the design symbol of the brand. The design language of the new Astra and the development process of the product are presented in various presentations by Opel team members. YouTube shared recently. With the video of color and flooring designer Ilka Höbermann, followed by chief engineer Mariella Vogler, the carefully crafted assertive and simple design language of the new Astra met with the audience. The exterior of the New Opel Astra, where 50 percent of the design and development teams are women, embodies the most innovative design and technology elements. In this context, the Opel Visor, which makes the vehicle appear wider than normal and covers the front, perfectly combines technologies such as ultra-thin Intelli-Lux LED® headlights. In the interior, the innovative Pure Panel cockpit, which is completely digital, elegant controls, unique details on the seats and fabrics offer the technology and comfort of the future with the new Astra. The new generation Opel Astra is getting ready to hit the roads of Turkey in the second quarter of next year.

While the legendary compact model stirs the emotions with its sixth generation, it also draws attention with its interior and exterior design. Designed to impress at first eye contact, the visual features of the new Astra are presented with various presentations by the development and design team members. YouTube meets with automobile lovers. Standing out as a true design icon from every angle, the details of the new Astra are enriched by the video of Ilka Höbermann, color and flooring designer, followed by chief engineer Mariella Vogler. Video; It is important because it shows how the new Astra is highly addictive, how it has become Opel's design icon with its attention to detail and unconventional thinking.

An "ambitious and simple" interpretation of Opel design philosophy with the new Astra

The aesthetic and unique "made in Germany" design of the sixth generation Opel Astra plays an important role, with 50 percent of the team being female. Looking at the exterior design elements of the car, the Opel Visor, the new face of the brand, draws attention in the new Astra, just as it does in the Mokka, Crossland and Grandland SUV models. This new face continues the philosophy of the exterior design element “Opel Compass” at the core of Opel. In the design philosophy in question, vertical and horizontal axes, such as the sharp curve on the hood and the wing-shaped graphic of the daytime running lights, intersect with the Opel lightning logo in the middle, while the vertically positioned taillights appear at the rear of the sixth generation Astra. The Visor, which makes the new Astra appear wider than normal and covers the entire front of the vehicle, perfectly combines technologies such as ultra-thin Intelli-Lux LED® headlights. The lightning bolt logo on the trunk lid also serves as the trunk release latch.

Opel color and upholstery designer Ilka Höbermann states that German design is a combination of simplicity, simplicity and technical elements for her. Höbermann's words; “It is sometimes difficult to add assertiveness while maintaining this simplicity. It's all about harmony and the right balance, always. The result is a successful, clear and exciting design that sets the new Astra apart from other compact-class models. Six different new body colors complete the car's characteristic and unique look. “Our teams have developed a fresh and modern yellow that gives the car a bit of vibrancy and a more assertive look at the same time.”

Inside is the digital Pure Panel cockpit that shapes the future today!

The result of all the developments is an exclusive interior that, together with the sixth generation Astra, represents a breakthrough in design and comfort. In this context, the functional design and digital cockpit created with the most advanced technologies are positioned in the new Astra as a reflection of the brand's innovative German technology. Depending on the version of the vehicle, the Astra's fully digital cockpit is integrated with two large screens, one of which is 10 inches, and the combination of the driver's side air vents. Thanks to the glass indicators of the Pure Panel cockpit, Astra driver and passengers can intuitively use the new human-machine interface in accordance with the "visual detox" theme. The ultra-modern cockpit offers an atmosphere where passengers feel safe and at the same time provide enjoyable experiences.

Aesthetic and functional interior

The design team of the new Astra focused on the concept of right balance in the selection of colors and upholstery used in the interior design of the vehicle. Every unique detail, from the Opel Şimşek logo in the middle of the steering wheel to the fabrics and stitches of the AGR approved ergonomic seats, optionally available in Alcantara or Napa leather, bears the signature of Opel's color and upholstery designers. Ilka Höbermann explains his work on the interior of the new Astra: “We had to think outside the box to find the best solutions for these materials. We offer a truly diverse and diverse range of colours, textures, graphics and patterns. In fact, putting it all together was the biggest challenge. It's like a big jigsaw puzzle. We combine different exciting materials to achieve a nice contrast or balance,” he explains. He adds that elegant minimized controls, matte aluminum infotainment bezels and all the other special accents add tremendous value to the Astra.

The factors and innovative details that played a role in the development of the new sixth generation Opel Astra, Opel media page and Opel Astra YouTube available through your account. Mark Adams, who is also the head of Opel's design department, shares his personal impressions of the subject with his followers on the @opelvauxhalldesign Instagram account.

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