Natural Gas Provides 60% Savings

natural gas saves percent
natural gas saves percent

While natural gas is accepted as the safest fuel all over the world, it also provides savings compared to alternative heating methods. To save about 60 percent compared to coal by using natural gas, and with this savings, an 'average' 4 thousand 500 TL per year for the home economy kazanpossible to climb. While natural gas contributes to the home economy, it does not cause air, environment and environmental pollution. It is accepted as the healthiest heating system all over the world, as it does not leave waste when burned and provides efficient use.

Enerya Enerji, the second most widespread private natural gas distribution company in Turkey, draws attention to the contribution of natural gas use to the home economy, while Enerya Aydın Provincial Director Osman Ersöz said, “Natural gas is very economical especially for residences compared to other energy sources such as coal and cylinders. stands out as a type of fuel. We continue our investments with the understanding that 'there will be no houses without natural gas' so that the use of natural gas, which protects both the environment and the home economy, becomes widespread.

One of the factors that cause air pollution is the use of coal for heating purposes. Coal harms both the environment and the home economy with its high cost. Natural gas, which does not produce wastes such as soot and smoke when burned, also provides savings compared to coal as it is a highly efficient fuel.

Natural gas, with an average of 60 percent savings, is 4 thousand 500 TL. kazannagging

Stating that those who use natural gas pay less than those who use coal and cylinders, Ersöz said, “The savings rate in households that use natural gas for hot water, cooking and heating reaches 60% on average per year. When we compare a household using coal and cylinders with a household using natural gas, we can clearly see this savings rate. For example; The average monthly invoice amount to be paid by a house using natural gas for the same duration and value is approximately 540 TL per month. The price to be paid for a house using coal and tube is approximately 1.280 TL per month. When we compare the total expenditure amounts of these households, the households using natural gas contribute to the household economy on an 'average' 4 thousand 500 TL per year. kazanyelling. This corresponds to 60% savings for hot water, cooking and heating. Those who use natural gas save on expenses related to both heating, cylinder and hot water consumption.”

It is possible to achieve significant savings in bills with small measures.

It is also possible to save more with the measures taken to use natural gas efficiently, which is an economical energy source. Natural gas users can both save a significant amount on their natural gas bills and support the efficient use of energy resources, with small measures to be taken.

In order to minimize natural gas consumption during the winter months, measures such as operating the boiler at low temperatures instead of turning it off when leaving the house, not covering the radiators with furniture, keeping the radiators in the unused areas of the house closed, and using a room thermostat can help users save money. In addition, insulating the hot water pipes, placing heat insulation plates behind the radiators and having the boiler maintenance regularly stand out as other saving factors.

Natural gas is recognized as an environmentally friendly fuel all over the world.

The most polluting factors in the environment; sulfur oxides, soot, fly ash particles and unburned gases. None of these substances are found in natural gas smoke. When natural gas is burned, wastes such as soot and smoke do not occur. In this way, natural gas is accepted as an environmentally friendly fuel all over the world. Being clean and not containing sulfur, it can be used directly in the industrial sector, increasing both the system efficiency and the quality of the product.

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