MUSIAD Announced Its Climate Manifesto at Visionary'21

MUSIAD Announced Its Climate Manifesto at Visionary'21
MUSIAD Announced Its Climate Manifesto at Visionary'21

Visioner'21 Summit, organized by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD), took place at the Haliç Congress Center. At the event, MUSIAD called on the business world to fight the climate crisis with the title of “Make Awareness of the Climate” and announced the 10-item Climate Manifesto, which is a guide on climate change.

MÜSİAD Vizyoner'21, whose summit title was determined as “Make Difference”, covered many issues from climate crisis to digital transformation and entrepreneur ecosystem with sub-titles of “Make A Difference Digital”, “Make A Difference In Climate”, “Recognize Initiative” and “Make A Difference”. took. Vizyoner'21 drew attention to the importance of sustainable and renewable energy transformation for a stronger and more sustainable economy with the title of “Make a Difference to Climate”.

Inviting the business world to fight against the climate crisis altogether by saying "Notice the Climate", MUSIAD has promoted "Sustainable Renewable Energy", "Green Fuel Projection", "Low Carbon Emissions or Zero Energy Production", "Circular Economy", "Digitalization of Energy" and "Paris". He drew attention to the titles of “Policies Suitable for Industrial Transformation for the Climate Agreement” and announced the Climate Manifesto.

MUSIAD Vizyoner'21 Chief Executive Officer Erkan Gül said, “As MUSIAD, we are aware of our responsibilities. We put our signature under our manifesto by targeting sustainable and renewable energy transformations. Our Energy and Environment Sector Board, which is part of our organization, and our Advisory Board, which consists of respected academics, have completed their work.”

Mahmut Asmalı, Chairman of MUSIAD: “The future of the world climate is more important than the interests of a few countries”

In the Advisory Board, one of Turkey's respected academics, Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin, Dr. Sohbet Karbuz, Prof. Dr. İsmail Ekmekçi and Dr. Stating that Cihad Terzioğlu was involved, MUSIAD Chairman Mahmut Asmalı said at Vizyoner'21: “Unfortunately, our country is losing its 4 seasons day by day, a tornado may come out in the middle of Istanbul or snow may fall in Antalya in an unprecedented way. . In short, climates are changing, global warming affects our lives. MUSIAD believes that every creature that has been created has the right to a quality and fair life, and that the future of the world's climate is more important than the interests of a few countries. It declares that it will take every step to protect the world, which has been entrusted to humanity due to its principles and belief, and will use all its power on an international scale to be the voice of the silent majority in the world. MUSIAD supports the global climate change policy, which plans to limit the global average surface temperature to +1,5°C, on the condition that it is applied fairly and equally to all countries of the world, and ensures a transition to a sustainable future. It declares that it will pioneer the transformation in the following topics in order to prepare its over 11.000 members for this process and to take on a role in Turkey's climate policy.”

Expressing that they are ready to meet and cooperate with everyone whose common denominator is to produce benefit for humanity, for the protection of the world and the climate balance, which is the right of all children of the world, Asmalı said to the business world, "Let's take care of the trust by knowing our responsibilities."

The 10-item Climate Manifesto published by MUSIAD is as follows:

We support the increasing use of renewable energy in a sustainable way, and we declare that we will proceed on the path of net zero emissions by producing green energy at our headquarters.

We will work in the MUSIAD ecosystem to develop green hydrogen, new generation batteries, carbon capture and renewable gas technologies.

We declare that with the circular economy, one industrial waste will be a raw material or energy for another, increasing the industrial symbiosis and we will support with our members in the transition to green production in the Organized Industrial Zones.

We declare that we will carry out awareness studies for our industrialists for energy efficiency and energy saving, and we declare that we support the creation of an energy efficiency database.

We declare that we will support all kinds of studies on alternatives to flood irrigation in agriculture and cyclical water use in industry for the efficient use of Turkey's dwindling water resources.

We support the zero waste policy, we explain that MUSIAD will constantly inform its members about the effects of climate change, and will take action by evaluating every organization and non-governmental activities it will carry out in terms of carbon emissions.

Being aware of the increasing importance of climate diplomacy for our country with the climate change process, we declare that we will support every work to be done by our state for the development of our climate diplomacy in all foreign and domestic platforms of MUSIAD.

We demand that the Emissions Trading System in Turkey be established with an infrastructure suitable for the conditions.

We see that millions of people may have to leave their places and become climate refugees, and we declare that we will carry out climate refugee studies with the international mission of MUSIAD.

We demand a state policy based on MUSIAD values ​​to reduce global food waste up to 30% in the world, and we declare that we will provide unconditional support to the policy.

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