Thank You Visit from Moto Couriers to IETT

Thank You Visit from Moto Couriers to IETT
Thank You Visit from Moto Couriers to IETT

The heroes of the solidarity image, which warmed everyone's heart, came together. Moto couriers paid a thank you visit to the metrobus drivers who created a protection shield in the severe southeastern region and enabled them to pass over the bridge.

The severe southwesterly experienced in Istanbul on November 30 had a negative impact on life and traffic. 4 people lost their lives in the disaster that destroyed the roofs and trees and overturned the trucks. A heartwarming event related to the storm, in which sad developments took place, was experienced on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge.

The moto couriers, who could not cross the bridge due to the strong wind, were stuck at the bridge entrance. IETT's 2 metrobuses took the moto couriers into their midst with the guidance of the traffic police. The couriers were shielded by creating a left and right corridor against the wind, and it was ensured that they could safely cross the bridge.

These images of solidarity started to be watched with admiration across the country. The video, which made the citizens smile, was shared tens of thousands of times on social media. Newspapers and TVs carried the subject to their news, interviews were made with the heroes of the event.

After that heartwarming scene, a group of moto courier visited Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station with flowers in their hands. The couriers shook hands with the Metrobus drivers one by one, presented their flowers and thanked them for the exemplary practice. Metrobus drivers also stated that they constantly show this solidarity and expressed their satisfaction with the visit.

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