MHRS Circular from the Ministry of Health

MHRS Circular from the Ministry of Health
MHRS Circular from the Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health, Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca published a circular signed.

In the circular sent to the 81 Provincial Health Directorates, it was mentioned that the planning and implementation of the physician worksheets, the follow-up of the appointment examination processes in the polyclinics and the planning and execution of the planning in terms of access to service.

The full text of the circular is as follows:

“The procedures and principles regarding the examination appointment services to be provided within the scope of the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) in the health facilities of our Ministry have been established with the Directive (Directive on the Working Procedures and Principles of the Central Physician Appointment System).

The provincial health director is responsible for the planning, execution, supervision, reporting and development of MHRS services. The processes related to MHRS are carried out together with the head of public hospitals under the responsibility of the provincial health director.

From planning, executing, auditing, reporting and developing MHRS applications in health facilities, ensuring that physicians' worksheets are entered into the system, following up, arranging worksheets taking into account permission and assignments, taking all necessary measures so that patients with an appointment can be examined at their appointment time, before patients leave the health facility. Chief physicians are responsible for planning the processes regarding the appointment of the first examination and control appointments deemed appropriate.

Planning and implementation of physician worksheets and follow-up of appointment examination processes in polyclinics constitute our priority in terms of access to service and patient satisfaction. In this manner;

  1. Monthly work schedules of physicians working actively in health facilities should be planned in a qualified manner.
  2. In a way that will facilitate access to health services, appointment examination capacity should be increased by planning widespread polyclinic service, not by looking at many patients in a short time.
  3. Since the duration of the examination may vary according to the physician and the characteristics of the relevant branch, the appointment intervals should be established by our physicians in the most effective way and approved by our chief physicians. Practices that will cause rumors that an examination is made every 5 minutes, as is the agenda in the public, should be avoided.
  4. For outpatient clinics based on MHRS, all physicians should have a defined work schedule of 30 days, updated periodically, and ensure that their visibility in the system does not fall below 15 days.
  5. If needed, out-of-hours outpatient clinic service should be provided.
  6. MHRS data from the SINA screens of our Ministry should be followed by Provincial Health Directorates and Chief Physicians and necessary measures should be taken.

I kindly request your information and the necessary action to ensure that the processes related to MHRS are carried out sensitively, taking into account the above explanations.”

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