MEB's December Supplementary Resource Support Package is Online

MEB's December Supplementary Resource Support Package is Online
MEB's December Supplementary Resource Support Package is Online

The third of the support packages prepared by increasing the variety of resources offered to students and teachers was opened to access. The December resource pack, which can be accessed online, will also be delivered free of charge to all students in print. The December supplementary resource support package, which features the largest set of helpful resources published so far, includes study questions, sample questions, interactive questions, repetition tests, LGS December sample question booklet and TYT, AYT and YDT sample question booklets for YKS.

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There are 2 thousand questions in the package published at all grade levels from the 12nd to the 11th grade. The number of questions in the supplementary resources, which have been published since October 2021, has reached 23 thousand in order to reinforce the topics covered in the course and contribute to the learning processes of the students.

The package also includes the Activity Book, Teacher's Guide, Study Questions and Study Fascicles for process evaluation consisting of 1350 questions for students at the basic education level.

Activity book set for Turkish process assessment for 2nd grade students

In the new section added to the supplementary resource set this month, Activity Books for the 2nd Grade Turkish Process Evaluation took place.

This auxiliary resource set, which consists of two books in the form of Student Activity Book and Teacher's Guide; It was written in order to support classroom teachers to carry out in-class assessment and evaluation practices, to contribute to the process evaluation of teachers with practices, to follow the development of students, and thus to offer the opportunity to take new education and training steps. The Activity Book Set for Grade 2 Turkish Process Evaluation contains many questions and activities that will provide feedback to classroom teachers about the students' acquisition of four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and many instructions that will enable the educational processes to be carried out more effectively. contains. In the aforementioned auxiliary resource set, the question and activity pages in the Student Activity Book were prepared in the form of a check and break.

LGS December sample question booklet has been published

A sample question booklet for December was also published in order to support the preparations of 8th grade students for the "Central Exam for Secondary Education Institutions That Will Take Students by Examining" to be held in 2022. In addition, a workbook consisting of 8 questions prepared for 450th grade students was added to the interval package.

1500 study questions for YKS were published

The 7th retest for secondary school students was also included in the supplementary resource support package. second semester unit kazanThere are 7 questions in the 750th retest, which covers the questions. There are 12 questions in the 6 TYT, 3 AYT and 1 YDT booklets in the resource set prepared for the Higher Education Institutions Exam for 1500th grade students, and 1150 questions in the solution book covering TYT topics. In addition, 34 Workbooks, Game-Based English Activity Books and Concept Teaching Books were made available to secondary school students.

Interactive Questions Continue to Publish

Interactive questions, which were first published in October for 8th, 9th and 10th grade students, continue to be shared electronically. In the study, which consisted of 450 questions, multiple-choice questions from Turkish, mathematics and science fields were prepared, as well as questions using drop-down menu, drag-and-drop and multiple selection features. In addition, open-ended questions were also used, which gave more opportunity to measure high-level mental skills and gave students the opportunity to create their own answers. The questions were structured to include simulations that allowed students to see real-life situations on the screen.

Video question solutions and lectures for secondary school students

Students in the resource support package will have the opportunity to diversify their learning environments, evaluate themselves, and review themselves through videos that include repetitions and question solutions from various courses for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

Support for special education students

The December package also includes activities for special education students studying at basic and secondary education levels. The activities prepared include filling in the blanks, finding similarities and differences, matching, understanding and explaining techniques. With these activities, it is aimed that the students reinforce the subjects.

“We will increase the content and diversity of the auxiliary resource support package every month”

Making an evaluation on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said: “We are very happy to bring our students together with their schools after a long time. On the one hand, we have decided to prepare a comprehensive auxiliary resource support package in order to support the current education and to compensate for the learning losses in distance education, while continuing the education by following the precautions and rules in the epidemic conditions. We published the Supplementary Resource Support Package, prepared by our friends for grade levels from grade 2 to grade 12, in October and November. Today, we have released the support package for December. All resources will be easily accessible to our students and teachers. On the other hand, we will deliver these resources to all students in print. We will continue to publish this package on the first week of each month. We will also increase the variety of the content of the auxiliary resource support package every month. I congratulate all my colleagues who contributed.”

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