Negotiations continue for Kızılay Dikmen Metro Line Project

Negotiations continue for Kızılay Dikmen Metro Line Project
Negotiations continue for Kızılay Dikmen Metro Line Project

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works without compromising the principles of 'common sense' and 'participation' in the projects it prepares. EGO General Directorate, which previously informed the mukhtars and district associations about the "Kızılay-Dikmen Metro Line Project", finally explained the project to academics and representatives of professional chambers. At the consultation meeting chaired by EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, the economic feasibility of the line, passenger capacity, the contribution of the investment to urban integration and whether it is included in the Ministry of Transport's projects were discussed one by one.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities without interruption in line with the principle of participation in city management.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches importance to the 'common mind' in line with the understanding of municipalism and takes into account the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders, from headmen to academics, preferred a similar method for the "Kızılay-Dikmen Metro Line Project", which is one of the projects it has prepared to expand the rail systems network in public transportation. he did.

EGO General Directorate invited academicians and representatives of professional chambers to a consultation meeting after the headmen and district associations.


To the meeting held under the chairmanship of EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş; EGO Deputy General Managers Emin Güre, Zafer Tekbudak, Halit Özdilek, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department Serdar Yeşilyurt, Head of Bus Operations Department Yahya Şanlıer, Head of Service Improvement and Institutional Development Department Ayten Gök, Planning and Implementation Branch Manager Hülya Akboyraz, City Planners Gizem Küçüksarı Alptekin and Furkan Akdemir also attended.

At the information meeting held at the Metropolitan Municipality Service Building, the views and suggestions of academics and representatives of professional chambers were listened to one by one. EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş gave information to the participants about the economic feasibility of the Kızılay-Dikmen Metro Line, its passenger capacity, the contribution of the investment to urban integration, and the project details of whether it is included in the Ministry of Transport's projects or not.

“We have started a comprehensive study to identify the problems related to public transportation and to develop solution proposals. Here, our valuable teachers and non-governmental organizations came to our rescue. As for what we have done about the rail systems, including the Dikmen Metro Line, which is the subject of today, there has been no metro line started and completed by the municipality after the transfer to the Ministry of Transport, that is, after the 90s. We want to allocate our resources to public transportation, especially light and light rail systems and public transportation applications, especially the metro. While doing this, we want to give priority to our neglected regions and districts.”

Emphasizing that the views of academics and professional chambers are important for the sustainability of the project, Alkaş said, “We are working to revitalize neglected regions and increase their integration with the city. We have to make common sense prevail. We are open to and aspire to the necessity of this project, how this project should work, and all kinds of opinions and suggestions on this matter”.


Attending the meeting from various universities of the capital, Prof. Dr. Ruşen Keleş, Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Elker, Prof. Dr. Ela Babali, Prof. Dr. Nuray Bayraktar, Assoc. Dr. Gift Tüydeş Yaman, Architect and Transportation Specialist Erhan Öncü, Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Secretary Nihal Evirgen, Chamber of City Planners Branch President Ceren İlter, Chamber of Civil Engineers Board Member Anıl Şahin, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Ankara Branch Vice President Serdar Ulu and Member of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers Taha Alper Koçer asked questions about the project and shared his suggestions:

prof. Dr. Cüneyt Elker: “EGO General Directorate should be congratulated for preparing such a platform together with non-governmental organizations and academics. It is something that is not always done, I would like to state that I appreciate it. There is one thing that we all agree on: If an investment is to be made, it must of course act from the main plans, which should be at a much more macro level.”

prof. Dr. Hazel Paternity: “It is very pleasing to be discussing Ankara's transportation issues together here. Asking for our contribution is also very important. I hope we can contribute. I will convey my thoughts on general principles as well as my thoughts on this line. I am very happy to be here and to listen to these works within the framework of the general principle of providing truly qualified public transport services in Ankara.”

prof. Dr. Nuray Bayraktar: “Since such a meeting was organized, our hope was renewed for Ankara. Because such a participatory process is adopted. I am an architect, so I would like to say a few words about how all these processes find their way on earth. While discussing such a proposal, the influence of this line and these routes interests me a lot. Where does it affect, where does it touch, and what happens in the places it touches? I try to look down from the earth.”

Assoc. Dr. Gift Tüydes Yaman: “For 20 years, I guess we have rarely been called, we have been expressing opinions. It is a great pleasure to contribute. Since I am a civil engineer, my views will be more numerical in terms of operator or producer. From my point of view, we built this subway, but will it be used? What will the effect be like? Every transportation has an advantage and a disadvantage. If you use it to your advantage, it is profitable.”

Serdar ULU: “I would like to thank you again for inviting the professional chambers to this meeting. This is a very important event. It's satisfying in that respect. When considering the metro, it is necessary to make a transportation plan by taking into account the existing developing and developing regions. In my opinion, the biggest shortcoming of Ankara is the station, the airport, and I consider AŞTİ half as well. It should also be considered that there is no metro line to these 3 activity centers. I think that a rail system that will connect these 3 centers should be built no matter what.”

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