Kayseri Transportation Inc. Brings 3 Thousand Saplings to the Soil

Kayseri Transportation Inc. Brings 3 Thousand Saplings to the Soil
Kayseri Transportation Inc. Brings 3 Thousand Saplings to the Soil

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. As part of the social responsibility project, it has brought together a total of 3 saplings to date, with the seventh of the tree planting event that has become traditional.

Metropolitan Municipality Kayseri Transportation Inc. This year, the seventh tree planting event, which it considers as a social responsibility project and which is considered within the scope of environmental sustainability targets such as environmental awareness, use of clean energy, and reduction of carbon emissions, was held for the seventh time.

The event was held as a donation in 19, as in the event in 2020, due to the continuing risk of Kovid-2021 transmission. With the launched campaign, employees individually donated saplings to the Forestry Development and Forest Fire Fighting Services Support Foundation (OGEM-VAK), a subordinate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Kayseri Transportation Inc. In his statement on the subject, General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu said, “Everyone has a responsibility for a green Turkey that we will leave to future generations, and we are striving to fulfill this responsibility we have assumed. After the fire disaster in Hatay the previous year, we donated 700 saplings for the re-greening of the region. Due to the ongoing risk of Kovid-19 contamination this year, we organized this event by donating saplings instead of holding it in the traditional way.”

In addition to the individual donations of the employees, the assets in the rail system vehicles and stations that could not be reached for a year were also donated to OGEM-VAK as saplings. In this context, Transportation Inc. A total of 500 saplings were donated to OGEM-VAK as employees and the company.

As a transportation company that has signed many projects and achieved many firsts in order to use energy resources more efficiently, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and raise awareness about climate change, Transportation A .S. In addition to this, Kayseri Transportation A.Ş., which has made a commitment to set a scientific-based emission reduction target. It draws attention as the only public transportation company reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project in Turkey.

Having the ISO 2011: 14001 Environmental Management System certificate since 2015, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation A.Ş. While continuing its activities within the framework of this management system and legal legislation, KAYBİS (Kayseri Bicycle System), electric and natural gas buses, energy efficient products and environmental awareness and environmental protection projects continue.

Within the scope of the Zero Waste Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 12/07/2019 and numbered 30829, Kayseri Transportation A.Ş. entitled to receive the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate by meeting the conditions within the scope of Zero Waste of the Integrated Environmental Management Program of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, with the regulations it carries out in the businesses it serves. kazanhad been.

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