Karaelmas Express Ankara Karabuk Train Expeditions Begin!

Karaelmas Express Train Expeditions Begin!
Karaelmas Express Train Expeditions Begin!

Passenger transportation by rail, which nostalgia enthusiasts have been waiting for, is starting again. Karaelmas Express will operate between Ankara-Çankırı-Karabük-Ankara in the first place.

According to the program sent from TCDD Çankırı Station Directorate; It will take 3 hours and 17 minutes between Ankara and Çankırı. The passenger train, which will stop at two points in Kalecik and Tüney, will run to Karabük 2 days a week and to Ankara 2 days a week.

The expedition days and hours of the Karaelmas Express have been announced

Wednesday and Saturday between Ankara and Karabuk; Between Karabük and Ankara, there will be flights on Thursday and Sunday. The train will depart from Ankara station at 15:08.20 on Wednesday, December 10.08, and arrive at Kalecik Station at 11.37 and to Çankırı train station at 11.50. The train, which will depart from Çankırı at 11.33, will stop at the Çerkeş station at 13.37. The train, which will leave Çerkeş at 15.17, will arrive at Karabük station at 3 without stopping at any station. It has been reported that Karaelmas Express will make a XNUMX-minute stop only at Tüney station within the borders of Çankırı, except for these stops.

The departure from Karabük to Ankara will take place on Thursday, December 16 at 14.30. Circassian; It will arrive at 16.12, Çankırı: 18.03, Kalecik: 19.40 and Ankara station at 21.39.

The last 12 years of the Karaelmas Express!.. Karaelmas Express, which is one of the 7 trains that TCDD General Directorate has terminated due to road works on the tracks where they operate inefficiently and operated, three times a week between Ankara and Zonguldak, has been operating since January 1, 2010. He had since stopped his voyages.

It was announced that the flights would start again with the President's Decision, which was published in the Official Gazette on April 12, 2020.

See the decree; Within the scope of public service obligation, 7 high-speed train (YHT) lines, 18 main lines and 36 regional lines will provide passenger transportation services. The decree also included the Ankara-Zonguldak railway line. However, due to the pandemic epidemic, the flights were postponed before they started.

After TCDD announced that it was canceling the flights, the public debate also flared up and various news and comments were written on this subject in the Çankırı Post. The Karaelmas Express, which carried passengers on the Ankara-Zonguldak line and was announced to be removed from the expedition 1 month ago due to road maintenance works and passenger inefficiency, continued its services regionally on the Çankırı-Zonguldak line. However, regional expeditions were also terminated after a while.

The Irmak-Filyos Railway line, which was an important transportation move in the first years of the Republic, became operational in 1935 and was used for freight and passenger transportation for years. The transportation infrastructure of the railway, which was replaced by the Zonguldak - Filyos Regional Train in 2014, is being strengthened and reactivated. With the commissioning of the line, known as the railway to coal, the provinces of Zonguldak-Karabük, Çankırı and Ankara will be reconnected with the passenger transportation network.

In 2014, it was replaced by the Zonguldak - Karabuk Regional Train. Today, the line is mostly used for freight transportation.

The cancellation of train services upset those who love train travel the most. Passenger demand had dropped to almost zero on the flights between Zonguldak and Ankara, which operate reciprocally, 3 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Source: Çankırıpostası

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