Gendarme's Hero Dog Displays Its 'Mature' Ingenuity


Gendarmerie General Command opened a booth at the "Government Incentives Promotion Days" held at the ATO Congresium Congress and Exhibition Center to promote the equipment used in operations and the technological products it produces.

Among those who welcome the visitors here are the gendarmerie personnel, as well as the search and rescue dog “Olgun”.

"Olgun", who counts while his trainer is doing shuttles, crawls on the ground like a soldier on a battlefield and salutes the soldiers, has been working in search and rescue efforts since August 2017 in natural disasters that occurred in the country.

Search and rescue dog trainer Specialist Sergeant Kamil Kaçar stated that he and 6-year-old “Olgun” have been involved in search and rescue efforts within the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Battalion (JAK) for 4 years.

Explaining that "Olgun" saved the life of a person who was left in the wreckage after the earthquake that occurred in January 2020 in Elazig, Kaçar stated that he and "Olgun" formed an emotional bond over time.

Explaining that he is married and has two children, Kaçar said, “Just as one yearns when one leaves a child, we also yearn when we leave Olgun. Of course, he misses the same way when he leaves us.” he said.

Expressing that he could not stand the absence of "Olgun" when he took annual leave, Kaçar continued:

“When I go on leave, for example, we stay apart for 15-20 days. During my leave, Olgun's excitement towards me is very different. I can very well understand that excitement in his eyes and movements when he arrives. When I take it out she looks at it with another love and affection. We do the same. We are also upset when our child has a tab on his foot, just like when he is sick. We immediately take him to the nearest veterinary clinic. There is a bitterness in us. I have 3 children with Olgun. He is also a member of our family and our Gendarmerie.”

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