Comfortable Transportation on the Iznik Coastal Road

Comfortable Transportation on the Iznik Coastal Road

Comfortable Transportation on the Iznik Coastal Road

After the recreation and landscaping works carried out on an area of ​​approximately 135 thousand square meters along the Iznik coastline in the past years, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also completed the hot asphalt works on Sahil Street in order to increase the comfort in transportation.

In Iznik, one of the most important historical and touristic centers of Bursa, which still carries the traces of Bithynia, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its work within the scope of more livable city targets. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has completely renovated an area of ​​3,5 thousand square meters on the 135-kilometer coastal band in the past years, completed the hot asphalt works on the Iznik coastal road and provided comfortable transportation. Approximately 4331 thousand square meters of asphalt work was carried out on the 30-meter-long road.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the works on site, received information from the authorities together with Bursa Deputy Zafer Işık, İznik Mayor Kağan Mehmet Usta and AK Party Provincial Deputy Chairman Ufuk Ay. President Alinur Aktaş, who said that they removed the wear layer for comfortable transportation to Sahil Yolu Street, said, “In the 4-year period in Iznik, 22,2 kilometers of hot asphalt, 137 kilometers of surface coating, 194 square meters of parquet coating, 62.847 square meters of parquet supply and 640 meters of guardrails. A total of 53 million TL of work was carried out. There is more to be done. I wish you good luck," he said.

Met with the extremists of democracy

President Alinur Aktaş, then met with Deputy Zafer Işık and the district protocol with the headmen of Iznik. President Aktaş, who listened to the opinions and thoughts of 46 muhtars one by one, took note of the deficiencies and disruptions that were expressed and stated that they would follow the developments. Explaining that they continue their investments by using the municipal resources in the best way, Mayor Aktaş expressed that there are many more steps to be taken in the field of tourism related to Iznik. Reminding that the Turkish World Nomad Games will be held in Iznik this year, President Aktaş stated that it is also a great opportunity for Bursa to be the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World in 2022.

Bursa Deputy Zafer Işık gave information about the works carried out by the central government and emphasized that Iznik, which was declared a 'slowcity', will become a brand in the field of tourism by gaining more recognition in the coming period.

Iznik Mayor Kağan Mehmet Usta emphasized that problems can be resolved faster with such meetings.

Speaking at the meeting one by one, the mukhtars expressed their demands on infrastructure, hot asphalt, land road, pond, cobblestone, surface coating, cemetery arrangement and stabilized material demand.

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