Women in İzmir Do Everything

Women in İzmir Do Everything
Women in İzmir Do Everything

The gender equality vision of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer was also reflected in the employment policies of the municipality. Women from Izmir, who applied for the 30 female construction equipment operator and heavy vehicle driver staff opened within the body of İZSU General Directorate, prove their claims in this field by undergoing rigorous training.

In line with the gender equality vision of İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, women's construction equipment operators and heavy vehicle drivers will now take charge in the municipality, where the number of female employment has increased in almost every business line. In İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which draws attention in Turkey with the highest number of female managers, the number of women working as bus and service vehicle drivers has exceeded 100. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which took action to include women who successfully continue their jobs as captains on the ferry, as drivers in metro and tram vehicles, as construction equipment operators and heavy vehicle drivers, opened a staff that will create employment for 30 more women in this field. Women from Izmir, who said, “Everything a man does, a woman can do”, had the opportunity to show how talented they are to be able to do this job within the body of the İZSU General Directorate.

They passed the training

Within the scope of the program organized with the cooperation of İZSU General Directorate and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Factory, 30 women who successfully passed the interview were subjected to training. After the exam organized by the Ministry of National Education, they are entitled to receive C class driver's licenses. kazanThe candidates will start working in the İZSU General Directorate in the first term of 2022.

Just give the opportunity

İZSU General Manager Aysel Özkan emphasized that they have developed projects in line with President Tunç Soyer's vision of “Gender equality in every field” and said, “IZSU, one of Turkey's important infrastructure organizations, aims to increase women's employment and expand the business lines in which women can work. 30 female staff will work in the field. We will increase this number every year. Women can be successful in all areas of life. There is no need for a job separation for this, as long as they are given an opportunity. This will be a work that documents it.”

Example cooperation

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department Head Anıl Kaçar said, “We have signed a project based on gender equality with the cooperation of İZSU General Directorate and our Vocational Factory. After the trainings given, 15 female construction equipment operators and 15 female heavy vehicle drivers will be included in the works of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

The story from the cake shop to the driver

Nurcan Özgül Fetah, who owns a boutique cake shop in Bornova Özkanlar, but whose shop was destroyed in the 30 October İzmir Earthquake, said, “My wife and I escaped being under the rubble in the İzmir earthquake with a few steps, but I lost my shop in the earthquake. I asked myself a lot about what I can do during my stay at home. I saw the job recruitment announcement on the website of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality”.

I want my son to see me

Saying that her biggest dream is for her 9-year-old child to see her doing this job, Fetah continued:
“I am a mother of 9 years old and we have almost a bucket collection at home. Since infancy, we have been playing with ladles, digging, filling, emptying. On the way here, I dreamed of my son seeing his mother on the bucket. He always wanted to play with his father while he was playing, and he thought it would take male strength for the job. But I'm going to show my son that women can do this job. I really want my son to be with me on my first day of work. In fact, everyone is so used to seeing men in this line of work that on the contrary, I think women would be more successful in this business. If you ask me what is my biggest dream, to show my son that I can use a machine on that sofa.”

it was my dream

Özlem Sezgin, 32, who has been a kindergarten and sign language instructor for many years, said, “My dream was to drive a construction machine. When I saw the job posting, I applied and was accepted. As a woman, I am honored as an Izmir citizen that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality supports women's employment and carries out its projects accordingly. It is a male-dominated business area and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality opened this door for us. We want to see our mayor Tunç Soyer among us on our first job day," he said.

Just a job for me

Sitem Bahadır, who was a landscape technician before, stated that she was also engaged in farming as a family profession and said, “I have always loved dealing with the soil and working in the field. I have always been interested in the fact that women are in different business lines. That's why being an operator is actually a profession for me. The support provided by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to women in every field makes the women of Izmir feel privileged. We will show everyone what women are capable of,” she said.

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