Hot Meal for Students from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Hot Meal for Students from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Hot Meal for Students from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality expanded its Soup Stop service, which it had previously established at six locations, for university students to start the day with hot soup. Students are now offered the opportunity to have a hot meal in the evenings. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“Dear young friends, we wanted to be able to hold your hand a little bit during the economic crisis,” said the young people who benefited from the application, are satisfied.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality expanded its "Soup Stop" service to support university students. The Soup Houses Branch Office started to distribute meals between 17.00 and 19.00 on weekdays so that students can benefit more from the free hot meal service. A rich menu is offered to students from two points, one located in front of the metro station within the Ege University Campus and the other in front of the Tarık Akan Youth Center across the Dokuz Eylül University (DEÜ) Tınaztape Campus. The implementation will soon begin at Katip Çelebi University Çiğli Campus.

President Soyer announced on social media

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who announced the application on his social media account Tunç Soyer“Dear young friends, we wanted to be able to hold your hand for a little while during the economic crisis. For now, we have started to distribute free dinner at Ege University and Dokuz Eylül, more to come. I embrace your beautiful hearts with love and wish you a happy new year.

“Our aim is to reach more students”

Ebru Asal, Director of the Soup Houses Branch, stated that they carry out various activities to facilitate the lives of students studying at universities in İzmir, and said, “We distribute meals to an average of 500 people a day. Our aim is to reach more students and to help our youth, who are our future, a little bit," he said.

Although the menu offered to students changes every day, there are varieties of soup, food items such as beef tantuni and chicken tantuni, pita with minced meat, meat and chicken rice, meatballs and potatoes, pasta varieties, ayran and yogurt.

Thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality

Neslihan Çelik, one of the students who benefited from the hot meal service of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We ate pita with minced meat and drank soup. I also fed the cats. I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality," he said. Ceren Kaanoğlu stated that the food was very good and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality. Özgür Göbel said, “We are all university students. It is very good for us to take advantage of such opportunities.”

“We will go home with a full stomach”

While Fatma Yaşar stated that hot soup is very good on these cold days, Aslı Aydınhan said: “It is a very good menu. Many thanks to those who provided these opportunities. We are students. We are trying to live in a different city, away from our family. We are affected by financial impossibilities. This app has been very good for us. Right now, we're going home full." Anıl Tolu also said that they benefited from the soup service delivered in the mornings and that they were satisfied with both works.

Soup at six points in the morning

In order to serve soup to university students before, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality had previously established Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Faculty of Education, DEU Faculty of Theology, DEU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Tınaztepe Campus Entrance, Katip Çelebi University and Ege University Campus. Soup Stops, established at the Bornova Metro station near by, serve between 07.30 and 09.00 on weekdays.

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