Scouts Awaken in a Tent at -30 Degrees for the Martyrs of Sarıkamış

Scouts Awaken in a Tent at -30 Degrees for the Martyrs of Sarıkamış

Scouts Awaken in a Tent at -30 Degrees for the Martyrs of Sarıkamış

Acting with the approach of “We grow with our values”, Kuveyt Türk supported the 17th Allahuekber Mountain Martyrs' Commemoration National Awareness Camp organized by the Turkish Scouting Federation. Scouts with winter camp experience from all over Turkey participated in the camp, which was attended by a team of 5 from Kuveyt Türk.

Kuveyt Türk, on the 107th anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation. It was the official sponsor of the "Allahuekber Mountain Martyrs' Memorial National Awareness Camp" organized by the Turkish Scouting Federation (TİF). The national awareness camp was attended by 67zci who had winter camp experience from all over Turkey. Scouts arrived in Erzurum on Thursday, December 23, 2021 for the national awareness camp. A team of 5 people, mostly scouts from Kuveyt Türk, also participated in the camp.

They followed the path that our soldiers followed 107 years ago

Departing from Erzurum to the Gaziler village of Şenkaya district in the early morning hours of Friday, December 24, the scouts reached the region after a 3-hour journey. Scouts first participated in the Allahuekber Martyrs' Commemoration program organized by the Erzurum Governor's Office. After that, Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş handed over the Turkish flag to the scout leaders with a ceremony to be hoisted at the martyrdom of Allahuekber Mountain. The scouts marched in a single file towards Kaynakyayla location of Allahuekber Mountain, where the camp will be held, at 22. The scouts reached the Kaynakyayla region in 1914 hours, following the path of their military grandfather 5 years ago.

Contemplation of martyrdom on snow in martyrdom

On Saturday, December 25, the scouts set out for the Fırıntepe Martyrdom, where our soldiers froze to death. The scouts, who reached the martyrdom by walking for 2.5 hours on snow-covered paths, practiced “contemplation of martyrdom” for 5 minutes, lying on their backs on the snow and closing their eyes, deployed in a circle around the martyrdom. The scouts, who returned to the campsite on the same road, participated in the mawlid and hatim prayer program held at Kaynakyayla Mosque after the night prayer.

They slept in tents in sleeping bags

The scouts, who spent the night in a sleeping bag in the tent in conditions where the temperature reached -30 degrees Celsius, had an important experience in understanding the difficulties faced by the martyrs. The scouts, who gathered their tents in the morning, visited the Kaynakyayla Cemetery and prayed. After the ceremony held in Kaynakyayla, the scouts returned in a single line, and after a 3-hour walk, they first reached Kaynak village and then Gaziler village. After the closing ceremony in Gaziler village, the scouts set out for Erzurum. The scouts stated that it was a great honor for them to participate in the 3-day camp. After the program that lasted for 5 days in total, the scouts returned to their hometown on Monday, 27 December.

Kuveyt Türk is with the scouts in Çanakkale and Sarıkamış

Supporting many social responsibility projects to protect, develop and sustain Turkey's local and national values ​​with the approach of “We grow with our values”, Kuveyt Türk has been sponsoring the Turkish Scouting Federation since 2017. Kuveyt Türk both sponsors the Çanakkale 57th Regiment National Consciousness Camp as well as the Allahuekber Mountain Martyrs Commemoration National Awareness Camp, and participates in the camps with its employees.

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