A New Collaboration with Yandex from Istegelsin

A New Collaboration with Yandex from Istegelsin

A New Collaboration with Yandex from Istegelsin

The agreement signed by istegelsin, a fresh supermarket that delivers the orders of thousands of customers every day, in full and on time, is a first in the sector for route optimization in its deliveries. Within the framework of this agreement, it started using Yandex.Routing, a logistics optimization service that automatically distributes deliveries to vehicles and creates the most appropriate route for each vehicle.

In order for the supermarket to be fresh, it is as important to deliver the products stored in its own warehouses to the customer's refrigerator without breaking the cold chain, as well as to deliver them at the exact time.

Committed to delivering its rich and diverse product range to its customers' doorsteps in full and on time between 10.00 and 00.00 hours, Istegelsin started to use Yandex.Routing in order to avoid loss of time in delivery due to heavy traffic or closed roads.

Unrivaled in Complete and Just-in-Time Delivery

Anyway, with the help of Yandex.Routing, which is one of the solutions that adjust the estimated arrival time in the market, it further highlights its competitive power in terms of delivering the orders on time.

Route optimization, which reduces logistics costs and provides cost efficiency per order, is one of the most important strengths of istegelsin, which further reinforces its mission of providing quality service and products at affordable prices.

Thanks to the cooperation with Yandex.Routing, it is also planned to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainability goals by reducing the mileage traveled by 15% and thus emitting less carbon emissions.

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