A Call for Solidarity from Imamoglu to TCDD

A Call for Solidarity from Imamoglu to TCDD

A Call for Solidarity from Imamoglu to TCDD

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe met the intense interest of citizens in Kartal and Maltepe, where he made investigations on his return to Ankara. İmamoğlu said to the people of Istanbul who supported him, “Now let's get down to business, okay? Let's do our job together. People love the one who does his job; not a lie maker. Don't worry,” he replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluReturning to Ankara, he continued his work in Istanbul from where he left off. Hundreds of citizens showed love to İmamoğlu, who passed from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Kartal and then to Maltepe. There were also those who sent a wedding invitation to İmamoğlu in the crowd, and those who offered homemade pies. İmamoğlu said to the citizens who supported him, “Now let's get down to business, okay? Let's do our job together. People love the one who does his job; not a lie maker. Don't worry,” he replied.


İmamoğlu, who was greeted with chants of "Stand upright, do not bend, youth with you" and "Right, law, justice", made investigations at Kartal Square and the underpass construction site in Maltepe Bağdat Caddesi under the intense interest of the citizens. Informed about the projects by Kartal Mayor Gökhan Yüksel and Maltepe Mayor Ali Kılıç, İmamoğlu received detailed presentations from İBB Deputy Secretary General Arif Gürkan Alpay and bureaucrats. İmamoğlu made his assessment of the study tour in Kartla Square, again under the intense interest of the citizens.


Saying, “We are at Neyzen Tevfik Square in Kartal,” İmamoğlu said, “Along with the arrangement on the streets on both the D100 side and Marmaray side of the train road, we are making a very stylish square arrangement with elevations in itself. We will present a very stylish area to Kartal with all the units of IMM, be it Park and Gardens, Science Works, Road Maintenance, with street arrangements, traffic flow and square arrangement here. I have a few questions with the State Railways. technical problems. In order to overcome them, they carry out and continue the negotiations together with the Mayor of Kartal, our authorized friends, our Deputy Secretary General.”


Citizens' interest in İmamoğlu continued during the evaluation speech. Making a live connection with a citizen's mother via his mobile phone, İmamoğlu said, "At the end of the day, in order to create a pleasant area here, TCDD will make a quick decision on this process and hopefully in harmony with the people of Kartal, especially under this train track. The areas that will come out are also for the public benefit as much as possible… Of course, they are the property of the State Railways, some commercial areas can also be considered, at their own discretion. But we also ask for their support in designing it with public spaces in mind as much as possible. So in a way; We wish IMM, Kartal Municipality and TCDD to come up with a project here in harmony. We are also producers. We prepared the budget, we will. I hope we will visit this square in May-June," he continued.


İmamoğlu said, “Great infrastructure works have been carried out here, be it rain water, sewage channels or sewerage,” said İmamoğlu.

“We don't polish it before the infrastructure is finished anyway. In other words, we first deal with the infrastructure, then we finish the superstructure in the most qualified way and present it to the public so that it is permanent, even if it takes 30-40-50 years, there will be no problems here. Already here, the past memory of our Kartal Municipality, and the past memory of our Mayor, had the nature to identify the problems in the most appropriate way. When our teams sat down, they solved many problems that have become gangrene here, as in other districts, and have remained untouched for maybe 20-30 years. Whether it was our Science Works, our other units, or our İSKİ group, they were involved in the process. We walk in solidarity. Let me reiterate: Don't take it as a posting. We want the project to be in partnership with IMM, Kartal Municipality and TCDD. If they show that solidarity quickly, we would be very pleased.”


In his evaluation speech in Maltepe, İmamoğlu stated that they are addressing one of the problems of the district that has been neglected for many years. Noting that they have accomplished works that will leave a mark in Maltepe, İmamoğlu said, “We will accomplish the very nice openings where Maltepe residents have turned into a living space in a pleasant way. Only the discovery cost of this work is around 250-300 million liras. Therefore, when you look at it, as the Metropolitan Municipality of this period, when there is an inequality in the whole of Istanbul, unfortunately, there is an inequality in terms of receiving services per person, and it is trying to provide very equal and qualified service to 39 districts of Istanbul, regardless of its politics or political party, We are also enjoying the joy of bringing this spirit back to life in Istanbul.”

İmamoğlu's tour of Kartal and Maltepe, as it started, ended under the intense interest of the citizens.

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