173 Million TL SED Payment to be Made to Needy Families

173 Million TL SED Payment to be Made to Needy Families
173 Million TL SED Payment to be Made to Needy Families

The Minister of Family and Social Services, Yanık, announced that a total of 173 million TL Social and Economic Support (SED) payment will be made to families in need in order to meet the school expenses and other needs of their children in December.

Minister Derya Yanık stated that the Ministry of Family and Social Services has many social service models for the disadvantaged segments of the society.

Stating that one of the social service models is SED for the children of families in need, Minister Yanık said that SED aims to meet the needs of children.

Minister Yanik said:

“With our SED service, we aim to preserve family integrity. We attach importance to the preparation of our children for the future in a healthy way by meeting all their needs, instead of growing up in different environments by being separated from their families for economic reasons. Our families who receive SED service can meet their children's other needs, especially education. Thus, we both provide family unity and create opportunities for equal opportunities for our children. With our Social and Economic Support (SED) service, we will deposit a total of 173 million TL into the accounts of families in need for their children this month.”

Stating that the SED payment is 1259 liras per child on average, Minister Yanık noted that the payments will continue until 15 December.

Stating that 139 thousand children still benefit from the SED service, Minister Yanık stated that a total of 2021 Billion 1 Million TL SED payments were made in 960.

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