Hülya Küpçüoğlu Evaluates Art and Social Media in 2021 with Her Guests

Hülya Küpçüoğlu Evaluates Art and Social Media in 2021 with Her Guests

Hülya Küpçüoğlu Evaluates Art and Social Media in 2021 with Her Guests

“Art with Hülya Küpçüoğlu” prepared and presented by artist-art writer Hülya Küpçüoğlu Sohbet” program evaluates 2021 with its guests who are experienced in their fields.

Regarding the programs he prepared within the scope of the 2021 evaluation, Küpçüoğlu; “During the pandemic, youTube I started programming by activating my channel. In the beginning, my aim was to create an archive by recording only the experienced names in the field. In a short time, with the interest of the participants and the audience, the program started to get a lot of attention and I started to broadcast by watching the current art events. I wanted to evaluate 2021 with a general perspective with experienced guests and leave a record in history due to the extraordinary situation we have experienced in the last two years.

We talked to Hürriyet Newspaper writer Sayım Çınar about the processes in publishing and literature in 2021, and to Posta Newspaper cinematographer Kerem Akça about his evaluations in cinema. We discussed the issue of Digital Platforms and Social Media, which has become widespread with the pandemic period, with Media Academy Founder and Digital Marketing Specialist Okan Yüksel and its Reflections on Art with the Founder of mikado Digital Communication Agency and Painter Günsu Saraçoğlu. We will learn from Media Academy General Manager and Newscaster Elif Akın Yüksel about the “Podcast”, which has become popular among communication and broadcasting platforms during the pandemic period.

“Hülya Küpçüoğlu” every Monday youTube You can watch the programs that we will evaluate the year 2021 broadcast on the channel and more. I invite all art lovers to protect this art channel, which is run with individual efforts and various individual supports.” He expressed his thoughts in words.

Hülya Kupcuoglu youTube channel is maintained in cooperation with the Mikado Digital Communication Agency.

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