Other Stories Telling Migration in All Its Colors Exhibition Opened in Santralistanbul

Other Stories Telling Migration in All Its Colors Exhibition Opened in Santralistanbul
The other stories exhibition that tells the gocu in all its colors opened in santralistanbul

As part of the 18 December International Migrants Day, Istanbul Bilgi University brought together works produced by 12 artists from 50 different countries in different disciplines with art lovers in the “Other Stories” exhibition, in order to draw attention to the concepts of migration and refugees.

The “Other Stories” exhibition, organized by Istanbul Bilgi University as part of the 18 December International Migrants Day, to draw attention to the concepts of migration and refugees, was opened yesterday with a special ceremony at the santralistanbul Campus Energy Museum. Bringing up the domestic and cross-border dimensions of immigration and immigration, the exhibition features works produced by 12 internationally renowned artists from 50 countries in different disciplines.

Curated by Denizhan Özer, the exhibition organized by BİLGİ Migration Studies Application and Research Center, Koridoor Contemporary Art Programs, ArtHereIstanbul, Art With You Association, Migration Research Association, Support to Life Association, Asylum and Migration Research Center, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants and BİLGİ Europe Organized in collaboration with the Union Institute. The exhibition was realized within the scope of the “Creative Network: Basic Research and Development (BREDEP)” project, carried out under the coordination of Derby University in England and of which Istanbul Bilgi University is a stakeholder.

'Art can build a bridge between us against othering'

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Istanbul Bilgi University Acting Rector Prof. Dr. MN Alpaslan Parlakçı stated that as a university, they embrace universal values, human rights and pluralism as the most fundamental values, and stated that they aim to strengthen fragile and disadvantaged groups and raise awareness about social problems in the projects they implement. prof. Dr. “Today, 281 million people, approximately one out of every 25 people, have left their homeland in the hope of living a better life due to the wars in the world, political turmoil, environmental disasters and poverty. We know that migration will increase in the future, especially with the climate crisis. I think that every effort made to overcome the problems associated with the phenomenon of migration, which is an important part of our daily and social life with its social, political and economic reflections, and to create a dialogue ground against the marginalization and polarization environment that immigrants face is very valuable. I believe that art, which has the power to create a common language between people, nations and cultures, can build a bridge between us against all prejudices and marginalization.”

'The story of others, our story'

BİLGİ Migration Studies Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Pınar Uyan Semerci pointed out that anti-immigration has become a dominant language in the world and said, “We have been working in the field of migration for a very long time. Many of the things we try to convey as social scientists do not reach their target sufficiently. We want to believe in the power of art. We want to believe that art can cross borders better than we can. We want this exhibition to enable us to rethink the phenomenon of migration together and to question our responsibilities as people die at sea or at borders. The story of others is actually our story, the story of all of us.”

'The exhibition presents the memory of migration, records its memories'

Bilgi International Relations Department, which is the coordinator of the BREDEP Project and the organizer of the exhibition, Dr. Instructor Gülay Uğur Göksel, its member, stated that the identity of immigrants is positioned as the other in the current political agenda in the world and said: “This exhibition presents us with the memory of migration and records the memories that show the depth and richness of immigrants. It shows the colors of human mobility, that is, migration. It compares immigrants with the audience who have experienced similar struggles and helps us feel less alone, that is, more hopeful. While bringing us hope, this exhibition reveals the pain and experiences of displacement and abandonment, and helps us to understand a little more about the suffering and injustices suffered by humanity.”

Curator Denizhan Özer said, “We brought together artists working in different disciplines from Asia, Europe and America in the exhibition. In addition to visuality, the exhibition includes works that appeal to different senses such as smell and interactive works. With this feature, the exhibition gains a structure that opens up an area of ​​exploration for the audience.”

The exhibition will be open to visitors with various events at Istanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus Energy Museum between 16 December 2021 – 7 February 2022.

Artists whose works are included in the exhibition: Abel Korinsky, Adnan Jetto, Adviye Bal, Ahmet Umur Deniz, Ali Omar, Ali Raşit Karakılıç, Bahadır İşler, Baran Kamiloğlu, Berkan Baycan, Can Memişoğulları, Carole Turner, Corrine Silva, Deniz Pireci, Dilek Toluyağ, Elena Bellantoni, Ercan Ayçiçek, Fehim Güler, Fevzi Karakoç, Gizem Enuysal, Heather Brown, Hiba Aizouq, Iliko Zautashvili, Işıl Gönen, Jack Beattie, Jacque Crenn, Lale Duruiz, Levent Pınarcı, Mahmut Celayir, Martin Wohlwend, Mehdiza Farzane, Mor , Mustafa Albayrak, Ömer Serkan Bakır, Özge Günaydın, Özkan Gencer, Paul Dunker Duyvis, Resul Aytemur, Rifaae Ahmad, Saghar Daeiri, Sema Özevin, Serina Tara, Stephan Twist, Tahir Ün, Tolga Boztoprak, Tuğrul Selçuk, Ufuk Uyanık, Yeşim Yıldız Kalaycıoğlu, Yıldız Doyran, Zahit Büyükişenler and Zeynep Yazıcı.

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