Future Scientists Competed in İzmir

Future Scientists Competed in İzmir
Future Scientists Competed in İzmir

First Robotics Competition (FRC) Off Season organization organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which lasted for three days, was completed. The event, which witnessed the fierce competition of industrial robots designed by high school students, was also an important experience for the İzmir Regional meeting to be held in March 2022.

In line with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to create opportunities for the development of young people, Izmir hosted the FRC 17 Off Season event between 19 – 2021 December 2021. With the support of İZELMAN A.Ş., an affiliate of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, over 300 high school students from İzmir as well as İstanbul, Ankara, Mersin and Samsun competed with the robots they prepared in teams at the event held in Fuar İzmir. Prizes were awarded to those who were successful in the competition. While the robots made by the scientists of the future attracted great attention, the event was also a great experience for the İzmir Regional (regional race), which is planned to be held in March 2022.

Cutthroat competition

In the later part of the tournament, which was held in teams, alliances struggled. In the final, Eagles, Alfa Robotics and Butterfly Effect in the Red Alliance and Pars Robotics, X- Sharc and IEL Robotics teams in the Blue Alliance met. The Blue Alliance finished the tournament as champions. At the end of the program kazanawards to moments İZELMAN A.Ş. It was given by the General Manager Burak Alp Ersen.

we are proud

Ersen said, “It makes me proud to have this speech in front of the team leaders of the future. We were proud to host you for three days. Our Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's greetings to you. It attaches great importance to such organizations for the development of our youth, to whom we will entrust our future. This event is a first for us as well, and it was a preparation for the regional event we will hold in March.”

The NASA of the future could be being built here right now

Educator Metin Karpat said, “The organization was very good, we were well received. We are here again in March and it will be much better. This work has social, cultural and societal aspects. Teams run the robot building process. I believe that within four years, Turkey will produce ambitious teams for the world championship. We have developed very fast. Such gems come out of these places… Scholarships for our students kazanwe are raising. An exquisite contest for the kids to decide what they prefer. Engineering is very encouraging. "The NASA of the future may be being built here right now," he said.

Celebrating Izmir

Educator Beyhan Dört said, “The tournament offers young people a journey of self-discovery. We would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for hosting us and giving this opportunity to young people. This is a preparatory tournament, the official tournament in the coming months will take place in Izmir. We celebrate Izmir. It is very nice to see this excitement among the young people,” he said.

Thanks to the Metropolitan

Competitor Onur Dört said, “A different theme is determined every year in our competitions and our teams make their robots in limited time. The organization in Izmir was also very good. We would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The engineers, scientists and software developers of the future are here,” he said.

over 300 participants

Contestants Şebnem Kılıçkaya, Reyhan Tağman and Deniz Mersinlioğlu said, “Over 300 participants came here and there are 26 teams. The competition prepares us for mechanical engineering and computer engineering. We are very happy to participate in this competition. We are preparing for teamwork for both university and business life. We are learning a lot of new programs. We are doing things that are unthinkable," he said.

What is FRC?

The First Robotics Competition (FRC) event is an international program that educates high school students on the active use of communication skills as well as engineering-based education such as electronics, mechanics and software. The event, which was first held in the USA, is now held in 7 countries in the world under the name of “Regional”, open to international participation. Turkey is among the countries that produce the most amateur teams in this world-renowned organization. “Off Season”, which was held in İzmir between 17 – 19 December 2021, was held in İzmir for the first time in Turkey outside of İstanbul. The “Regional” event to be held in March 2022 will contribute to the promotion of İzmir in this arena.

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