First Test Drives on Bursa City Square Terminal Tram Line in May 2022

First Test Drives on Bursa City Square Terminal Tram Line in May 2022
First Test Drives on Bursa City Square Terminal Tram Line in May 2022

Work on the T2 tram line, which is the project of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality that will bring the rail system together with the north of the city, has accelerated. While many works such as ballast adjustment on the line, installation of power lines, installation of transformers and fine workmanship of the maintenance-repair center are carried out simultaneously; Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş emphasized that they aim to start test drives in the first half of 2022.

The works within the scope of the tender for the completion of the missing productions on the Kent Square-Terminal tram line, which is projected by the Metropolitan Municipality in line with the goal of knitting the city with iron nets, continues rapidly. The integration process of the T9 line, which has a total length of 445 meters and 11 stations, to the T2 line was completed before. In the project, which includes 1 railway bridges, 3 highway bridges, 2 transformers, warehouse area service building, warehouse connection line and waiting lines, significant distances have been covered so far. Within the scope of various works in and around the station on the route, 6 thousand cubic meters of excavation, 300 thousand cubic meters of filling, 100 thousand meters of borders and 27 thousand square meters of parquet were manufactured. Approximately 7 thousand cubic meters of concrete was poured for the reinforced concrete curtain wall and various reinforced concrete works. While 60 cubic meters of ballast has been laid within the scope of the line superstructure, approximately 29 thousand cubic meters of ballast will have been produced on the line with the completion of the second layer ballast laying. While taming construction continues on the ballast line road with a tamping machine, a total of 900 tons of galvanized steel poles have been manufactured for the overhead line catenary system that will provide energy to the rail system vehicles. While the installation of the overhead lines continues, the installation of the internal equipment of a total of 38 transformer buildings along the line has also started. While the installation of 472 escalators and 6 elevators in total at 9 stations was completed, the façade cladding of the maintenance-repair center building at the end of the line, the overhead crane lifting system and the car wash unit were installed.

Test drives in May

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the works that continue feverishly along the line. President Aktaş, who received information about the works from Deputy Secretary General Gazali Şen, BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar and the responsible of the contractor company, reminded that the Kent Meydani-Terminal tram line, whose construction was delayed due to different reasons, was awaited with curiosity and excitement by the people of Bursa. Expressing that significant progress has been made in the works so far, President Aktaş said, “The region between the Terminal and the City Square has become a destination with educational institutions, shopping centers, police, mufti, courthouse, fairground, BUTTİM and Gökmen Aerospace and Aviation Center. God willing, we are planning to start test drives in April and May next year. Integration was also achieved with the T1 line. You can think of it like a pan. Hopefully, we will be able to go to the northern axis of the city entirely by rail system. It was a little late, there were problems, but now I can say that we are nearing the end.”

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