Eşrefpaşa Hospital KarşıyakaOpened a Service Unit in

Eşrefpaşa Hospital KarşıyakaOpened a Service Unit in
Eşrefpaşa Hospital KarşıyakaOpened a Service Unit in

📩 01/12/2021 15:55

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital is for citizens who have difficulty in reaching the central building in Konak's Yenişehir district. KarşıyakaHe opened the Teacher Melahat Özçelik Service Unit in . People of Izmir, who receive health services by specialist doctors in their branches, express that they are satisfied with the application.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital, operating as Turkey's first municipal hospital, KarşıyakaIt has carried the health service it provides with its service unit in , to the other side of the city. The historical institution of Izmir, which has the service quality award, thus provides ease of access to the citizens who have difficulty in reaching the Yenişehir district of Konak, where its head office is located. Patients are treated by doctors who are experts in their field. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Esrefpasa Hospital Karşıyaka Patients who apply to the Teacher Melahat Özçelik Service Unit are also referred to Eşrefpaşa Hospital if necessary. Patients are taken by vehicles and brought to the hospital, and then they are returned to their homes.

The request of our republic teacher

Esrefpasa Hospital Karşıyakaİzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital Chief Physician Op. Dr. Kadir Devrim Demirel said, “Melahat Özçelik is a Republic teacher. He donates his 3 flats to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for service. However, this is a condition when making donations. He says, 'This is a service unit where specialist doctors work and blood tests are performed'. After a while, we did our best to bring our services to life as the teacher Melahat wanted," he said.

Service in 5 branches

Chief Physician Demirel also said, “We continue to serve with a new understanding. We have internal medicine, general surgery, dental, ear-nose-throat and chest specialist doctors here, in line with the wishes of the people. Our dietitian will be starting work soon. Blood and samples taken here are transported to our hospital with the vehicles of our municipality several times a day. Our patients whose films are requested are taken to the hospital afterward. KarşıyakaIt is brought back to . During this period, we received very positive comments from our citizens. In line with their return to us, we will occasionally assign physicians from other branches to our unit. Our unit provides service between 09:00 and 16:00 on weekdays. Emergency cases are delivered to Eşrefpaşa Hospital or the hospitals of the Ministry of Health via 112,” he said.

We make easy appointments

Citizens who applied to the center due to health problems expressed their satisfaction with the service. Gülçin Çelik, who came to the unit for treatment, said, “It is a good service for both the tradesmen and the people here. KarşıyakaIt's nice to have an annex in . All the tests are happening. If this place is insufficient, they are directed to the big hospital of Eşrefpaşa Hospital. It has service. Doctors are very good, they are concerned. It was great for us to have it nearby. We can also make an appointment easily,” he said.

Getting to the hospital made easy

Stating that she came to the unit for dental treatment, Serap Akçay said, “I came to the service unit of Eşrefpaşa Hospital in Karşıkaya today due to my dental disease. We are pleased to have such a service here. Going to the central building was sometimes a problem. KarşıyakaI was very happy to be able to get treatment quickly when we had a health problem in . Thank you for the services rendered.”


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