Free Wifi Service Started on Trams in Eskişehir

Free Wifi Service Started on Trams in Eskişehir
Free Wifi Service Started on Trams in Eskişehir

ESTRAM, which enables citizens to carry out transactions such as visa renewal and balance loading online, has launched another new service. Citizens who provide their transportation by tram can now also benefit from free wifi service.

The free wifi facility, which was previously put into service by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality in Espark Square, Haller Youth Center, Metropolitan Municipality Art and Culture Palace, Atatürk Culture, Art and Congress Center, was put into service on trams as of 27 December. Stating that the citizens should select the "Estram_Wifi" network by opening the wifi settings after getting on the tram, ESTRAM officials stated that they can start using the free internet service after entering their phone numbers in the relevant field and then entering the verification code sent to their phones via text message on the relevant page. Free internet service can be used on all trams on the lines.

Citizens who benefited from the free wifi service for the first time stated that they listen to music or spend time on social media during their travels and that our age is the internet age, and that the internet service is extremely good in terms of both speed and ease of use, and they thank all the staff, especially Eskişehir Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, who started the service. they thanked.

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen said, “Dear children, precious young people, even though the internet is the necessity of the age, do not forget that books are your best friend in travels. In addition to announcing the good news, he also reminded the importance of books in his social media sharing with the expressions "I love you very much ☺".

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