14.5 Billion TL for Transportation and Communication Investments of Erzurum

14.5 Billion TL for Transportation and Communication Investments of Erzurum

14.5 Billion TL for Transportation and Communication Investments of Erzurum

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu stated that they carried out their work in a way that would support both Erzurum and holistic development within the framework of a sustainable and environmentally friendly Logistics Master Plan, and emphasized that they spent over 14,5 billion liras for Erzurum's transportation and communication investments.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made examinations at Erzurum Mevlana Different Level Junction. Making a statement after the examination, Karaismailoğlu said, “We are proud of completing and putting into service the Mevlâna Differential Level Interchange, located at the Erzurum City Pass, which is the starting part of our Erzurum-Çat State Road. Investments realized in the area of ​​responsibility of our Ministry provide new business areas and employment opportunities in Erzurum as well as all over our paradise country. We are increasing the logistics capabilities of the city and facilitating access to ports and airports in order to increase the welfare of our citizens of Erzurum, to create new investment opportunities and to develop the industry. In this sense, the Pirinkayalar Tunnel is a vitally important project for Erzurum. With the Pirinkayalar Tunnel, transportation from Erzurum to Artvin and the Eastern Black Sea Region will be shortened, travel will be easier, and trade will increase.


Emphasizing that with the opening of Rize-Artvin Airport, the foundation of which was laid on April 3, 2017 and nearly 100 percent physical progress has been achieved today, the vitality in the tourism and commercial life of Erzurum will be strengthened, Karaismailoğlu continued as follows:

“We are carrying out all of these activities within the framework of a sustainable and environmentally friendly Logistics Master Plan, supporting both Erzurum and holistic development. In this context, during our governments, we spent over 14,5 billion liras for transportation and communication investments in Erzurum, the apple of the eye of the east. We took the divided road length of Erzurum from 49 kilometers and increased it to 620 kilometers. While the highway investment expenditure in the province was only 1993 million liras in the 2002-915 period, we increased this amount to 13 billion 247 million liras during the period of our governments. Between 2003 and 2021, we built and improved a single road of 583 kilometers. We built 4 tunnels with a total length of 4 meters, including 8 single-tube and 288 double-tube tunnels. Currently, work continues intensively on our 8 highway projects across the province of Erzurum.”


Karaismailoğlu stated that as the Ministry, they have not only implemented projects that will increase the welfare of Erzurum, but also put into service projects that will facilitate urban transportation, and made the following assessments:

“The Mevlana Differential Level Junction that we have completed is an important part of our city crossing road services in Erzurum. At the Erzurum City Crossing of the Erzurum-Çat State Highway, the annual average daily traffic amount reaches 34 thousand at certain points with the effect of TOKİ Residences, hospitals, public institutions and schools. Within the scope of the regulation of city traffic, the beginning of the road to 3,7. A 2×3 lane road was built between kilometers. Between 3,7 and 6,15 kilometers of the road in question, it has been turned into a 2×2 lane, bituminous hot mix paved divided road. Within the scope of the project, there are 35,7-meter Mevlana Differential Level Junction and Dadaşkent – ​​TOKİ, AFAD and Tuzcu At-Grade Junctions. In addition, a 12×6 meter underpass, which ensures the safe and comfortable flow of traffic between the city center and Atatürk University, was built, and Yıldızkent – ​​Teknokent Junction and 1 overpass were established. With this project, the traffic density will be relieved at Erzurum City Crossing, which is an important crossing point on the route from the Eastern Black Sea coast to the Habur Border Gate in the Southeast, and safe, comfortable and fast transportation will be provided.”


In addition, Karaismailoğlu emphasized that easy access to the Konaklı Ski Center on the route was established and said, “The length of our Erzurum City Crossing and Mevlâna Differential Level Junction project is 6,15 kilometers, in the standard of divided road and hot pavement. The cost of our project, which we started in 2017, is 50 million TL. With the arrangement of Erzurum City Pass; A total of 137,5 million liras will be saved annually, 2,8 million liras from time and 140,3 million liras from fuel. In addition, we will reduce carbon emissions by 176 tons," he said.


Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport, stated that they have designed a new intersection and started working in line with the demand of the local people in the Telsizler Region, which is located between the Hospital Different Level Junction, which is on the same line with the Mevlana Junction, and said, “All our determination and effort are in the direction of the demand of our people. We see public service as 'service to God'. For this reason, we have prioritized the demands of our people in our land, air, rail and seaway operations in Erzurum since 2003. We have made all kinds of demands in favor of our people, to their advantage. We are aware of the importance of every project that will strengthen the transportation network of Erzurum, which is located at the crossroads of East-West and North-South roads and corridors. He concluded his words by saying that what we did in Erzurum is in fact the guarantee of what we will do.

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