Early Detection Can Save Animals Lives

Early Detection Can Save Animals Lives
Early Detection Can Save Animals Lives

83 percent of cat owners go to the veterinarian for different purposes other than regular health check-ups. 10 out of 4 cat owners go to the veterinary clinic for treatment purposes when they experience an illness. However, early diagnosis can save lives in animals as well as humans. Based on this fact, Royal Canin Turkey reaches out to animal owners with a question this year in the social awareness project "Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian", which it organizes every year for cats to access regular health services: "Are you sure you fully understand it?"

Cats by nature have a tendency to hide symptoms of illness or show illness only when it reaches a critical point. As a result, owners may be delayed in discovering symptoms, even if they spend as much time together as possible. According to the results of the research carried out by Royal Canin Turkey, animal owners take their cats to the veterinarian on average every 11 months. 83 percent of cat owners go to a veterinarian for purposes other than regular health checkups. 10 out of 4 cat owners go to the veterinary clinic for treatment purposes when they experience an illness. However, regular veterinary check-ups and early diagnosis can save the lives of animals as well as humans.

Royal Canin is launching the annual “Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian” campaign between November 15 and December 15 this year in order to raise awareness of cat owners and to encourage cats to undergo more frequent health check-ups.

Continuing its activities within the scope of 'A better world for animals' mission, Royal Canin is affiliated with Istanbul Chamber of Veterinarians (IVHO), Feline Veterinarians Association (KEDVET), Clinician Veterinarians Association (KLİVET), Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Association (KHVHD) and Emergency Veterinary Medicine Association. It works in partnership with the Association of Physicians (TuVECCA). In this context, Royal Canin aims to raise awareness of the importance of preventive medicine practices and improve health services for cats, while encouraging pet owners to plan regular health checks for their cats with the "Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian" campaign.

Bringing together all kinds of information and care suggestions that cat owners may need in this process, on the website catmklinikte.com, which was created for the campaign, Royal Canin presents to the information of the animal owners what should be considered in cat health, care and clinic visits. Pet owners can also discover common misconceptions about cat psychology, behavior and animal nutrition through the videos on the website.

Not forgetting the animals living on the streets and in nursing homes as part of the campaign, Royal Canin commits to donate 1 kg of food to nursing homes for every post on social media with the hashtag #kedimklinikte.

Regular health checks save lives

Stating that lifelong coexistence with our cats is possible with regular veterinary checks, Royal Canin Turkey Scientific Communications and Relations Specialist Veterinarian Tilbe Babakiray said the following about the campaign: We want to encourage them to start their visits. Because, as an institution, we believe that the expert information that animal owners will obtain from veterinarians regarding cat health, care and nutrition through regular check-ups will give our cats the best chance for a long and happy life. Veterinarians are the biggest support point for us animal owners for a happy and healthy union for life. Regular health checks and early detection save millions of lives every year, and this also applies to our animals.”

Babakıray continued his words as follows: “No matter how much the owners care for their cats and spend time with them, it is extremely important that they receive regular specialist support, taking into account the risk of missing some symptoms or noticing them late. With our campaign, we emphasize the importance of preventive medicine and preventive health services on the health of our animal friends. For this reason, we bring all cat owners together in our campaign; We are calling out to veterinarian chambers, associations, veterinarians in our country and cat owners: Are you sure you understand it completely? If you have even the slightest doubt; Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian!

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