Employment Incentives Discussed

Employment Incentives Discussed
Employment Incentives Discussed

SGK Incentives Information Meeting was held online with the participation of SGK İzmir Provincial Director Ekrem Gülcemal. In the event, which was held with the great interest of young business people, İzmir Social Security Provincial Director Ekrem Gülcemal was the speaker, and detailed information was given about the SGK premium incentive system, the conditions of benefiting and the organizations that can benefit from them. The keynote speaker of the meeting EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, reminded that SGK incentives are an important way in which many companies save on personnel costs and increase their earnings, and said, “Without any limitation on the number of employees, all small and large-scale enterprises provide incentives, support and incentives in the insurance premium they deposit for their insured employees every month. They can save on personnel costs by taking advantage of the discount. SGK, which provided many support to companies last year within the scope of combating the Covid-19 epidemic, continued its support by creating new incentives in 2021.

Referring to the World Development Report EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Yelkenbiçer, emphasizing that, according to the report, nine out of ten jobs in the world are supplied by the private sector, “The private sector has a great role in creating employment. Here, the state has a supportive duty to ensure economic development. It is one of the main duties of the state to support the private sector for economic growth by providing a suitable investment environment and to help the development of the economy with structural employment incentive projects. Being able to use SSI incentives, which is one of the most important tools in realizing this function, contributes to the entire economy and employment.

İzmir Social Security Provincial Director Ekrem Gülcemal gave a speech with the title of Current Transactions in Social Security Legislation and Issues to be Considered by the Employer in Disciplinary Processes. Explaining how the electronic notification application, which has just been implemented in the Social Security Institution, will be implemented, Gülcemal said, “There are various laws in order to increase the employment of registered insured, to increase the employment of disadvantaged groups such as women, youth and the disabled, to encourage regional, large-scale investments and strategic investments, and to reduce regional development disparities. It is possible to benefit from insurance premium incentives, support and discounts. Gülcemal, who also conveyed the incentives for young entrepreneurs, said, “As of January 2022, debt inquiries will be made throughout Turkey. If you have more than one workplace, make sure to check whether there is a premium debt. Businesses registered with SGK before 2021 can benefit from the minimum wage support even if they have debts belonging to both the current month and previous periods, however, businesses registered to SGK in 2021 are exempt from support if they have current and previous SGK debts and are unstructured. There are no benefits available. 2021 minimum wage support; When it is determined that the earnings subject to premium of the insured are not reported to the Institution or that they are reported incompletely, it is taken back together with the delay penalty and late fee. can continue to benefit from the support,” he said.

Umut Çiray, General Coordinator of Brothersand Partners company, which provides technical support to 3 million 800 thousand insured, and Labor and Security Specialist, made a presentation with the title of "Disciplinary Penalties in Labor Law from the Employer's Side". Explaining the disciplinary and punishment practices in the labor legislation, Çiray shared that the establishment of a disciplinary committee is not mandatory if it is not included in the contract and internal regulations. Pointing out that the personnel should not be stained or worn out while carrying out the disciplinary process, Çiray said, "Digital documents and findings have recently been found in the Supreme Court decisions. Declaring that the evaluation of the crime scene is important in the investigation, the right of the personnel not to be stained should be reserved if there are no documents and findings."

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