EGİAD, Signed a Cooperation Protocol with Uşak University

EGİAD Continue on the Road with Universities
EGİAD Continue on the Road with Universities

📩 10/12/2021 13:20

Aegean Young Businessmen Association, which has previously signed a cooperation protocol with Dokuz Eylül University and Manisa Celal Bayar University (EGİAD), signed a cooperation protocol with Uşak University. After the signing ceremony, which was held to ensure industry-university cooperation for the development and modernization of health, engineering, education, arts, sports, agriculture, forestry, food and animal husbandry in Turkey, it was decided to develop projects and produce high value-added products in this context. In addition, Uşak University, which is known as a pilot university in fields such as glass, ceramics, and textile, EGİAD It was decided to cooperate with the companies operating in this scope among its members and to carry out studies for the employment of students.

to the protocol ceremony EGİAD Chairman of the Board Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Deputy Chairman Cem Demirci, Fatih Mehmet Sancak, Members of the Board Süleyman Tutum, Pınar Berberoğlu, Müge Şahin, Secretary General Prof. Fatih Dalkılıç, Chairman of Industry, Digitalization and Sustainability Commission Ceren Sertdemir Yavuz, Deputy Chairman Remzi Uslu, Uşak University Rector Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savaş, Uşak University Technology Transfer Office Coordinator Atike İnce Assistant participated.

At the ceremony, Uşak University Rector Prof., who conveyed his activities as a pilot school in the fields of textile, ceramics and glass with 66 foreign students from 3400 countries. Dr. Ekrem Savas, EGİAD He stated that they can do career activities with him. Savaş said, “Children should be guided well and mentored. It is necessary to help them to choose roadmaps. We recommend them to be active in non-governmental organizations. We want them to be a good scientist. We advise our students to do the best no matter what you do. Our destiny should not be backwardness, we recommend our students to produce projects related to science. We support the hard work of our students.” Stating that he is dedicated to the field of mathematics, Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savaş shared his successful life process with industrialists.

prof. Dr. Ekrem Savaş also talked about the process of establishing a Technopark at the University and said, “We achieved 50 percent occupancy. Our R&D companies are dominant. We aim to produce technological knowledge, develop innovations in products and production methods, increase product quality or standards, increase productivity, and provide job opportunities to researchers and skilled people in order to make the country's industry internationally competitive and export-oriented. We are open to doing value-added works. Whoever works, we are ready to carry on our backs”. Expressing that they opened an Employment Center upon the participation of 100 students and the employment of 36 students, Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savaş also emphasized that they are working to ensure that the young people who graduated from Uşak University do not leave the city.

Reminding that they signed a cooperation protocol with Dokuz Eylül University and Manisa Celal Bayar University before, EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that as an NGO that is aware of the importance of University-Industry cooperation, they attach importance to developing joint projects with universities. Emphasizing that R&D projects, innovative studies in the IT sector and entrepreneurship stories come from universities, Yelkenbiçer said, “In university-industry cooperation, to carry out research, to increase cooperation between entrepreneurs and markets, to commercialize technological knowledge, to support technology-intensive production and entrepreneurship, to create new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. and advanced technologies, creating investment opportunities, facilitating the transfer of information and technology, and supporting the production of high value-added, advanced technology products and services based on R&D.” In his speech EGİADYelkenbiçer, who also included the promotion of .

At the meeting, where evaluations on artificial intelligence were also made, it was noted that the workforce will be transformed in the near future and that young people have a great job in this regard.

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