Drivers Attention, Winter Tire Requirement Has Begun!

Drivers attention, winter tire requirement has begun!
Drivers attention, winter tire requirement has begun!

When the calendars showed the date of December XNUMX, XNUMX, the effects of the winter season began to be felt all over the country. As the air temperatures decreased, the necessity of winter tires started. Citizens waiting for the weather to cool down to install winter tires formed long queues at tire shops.

Making statements, advanced driving techniques ve  Road Safety Expert Yiğit Dedeoğlu and Road Safety Expert Yiğit Dedeoğlu reminded that the calendars show the date of December XNUMX, and said that all commercial vehicles transporting cargo and passengers between December XNUMX and April XNUMX must wear winter tires, otherwise they will be fined XNUMX liras.

Dedeoğlu also; “The vehicle you use to install winter tires does not need to be commercial, if you do not have winter tires, never go out on the road in winter, especially on snow. Especially in snowy weather, driving with winter tires may cause accidents, and even if there is no accident, you may be subject to traffic fines by authorized teams for preventing the traffic flow.

In addition to the statements "Traffic accidents due to skidding and skidding started to increase with the precipitation", Dedeoğlu said that drivers are insufficient against different ground conditions and sudden situations, and that drivers should be informed about advanced driving course and defensive driving course, He said that with drivers, traffic can become much more dangerous.

In order to be ready for winter conditions, drivers also need to do maintenance such as measuring their batteries, replacing wiper blades, adding antifreeze to the coolant and windshield water.

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