Digital Promotion from Ulu Motor to SKYWELL!

Digital Promotion from Ulu Motor to SKYWELL!
Digital Promotion from Ulu Motor to SKYWELL!

Ulu Motor laid the foundations for the electric transformation of the future and the evolution of the automotive to the mobility ecosystem in the Turkish market with the partnership of SKYWELL. With the technological partnership agreement they signed, SKYWELL and Ulu Motor also realized the digital promotion of its brand new 100 percent electric model SKYWELL ET5. In the electronic presentation meeting of the model, which received more than 100 pre-orders in a short time, the basic dynamics of the mobility ecosystem, which is aimed to be created, were explained, as well as the flawless technical features of the car. Speaking at the meeting, SKYWELL Turkey CEO Mahmut Ulubaş said, “We are not only promoting a new electric car. We establish a bond between our users and our brand and create a culture in the mobility ecosystem. While we offer on-site service with our SKYAPP application, we are also launching a loyalty program in cooperation with the Silicon Valley-based company Bluedot. As SKYWELL Turkey, we are creating a national technology and services ecosystem around all these. In addition to this, we continue to present the firsts in Turkey with our car, which we will present as a limited number of NFTs.”

SKYWORTH Founder Stephen Wong, who participated in the launch meeting via video, said, “Since the day it was founded, our group, which has carried out many different projects from television to set-up box, mobile phone to electric bus, also entered the electric car market with the SKYWELL brand. Today, thanks to the business partnership we have established with Ulubaşlar Group, we are happy to open up to the Turkish market in an assertive and powerful way.”

Ulu Motor, the automotive company of Ulubaşlar Group, which operates in the automotive, informatics, construction, real estate and tourism sectors and celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, made the digital promotion of the electric vehicle brand SKYWELL, of which it is the distributor. In the online presentation meeting of the model, which received more than 100 pre-orders in a short time, the vehicle's premium design features and superior technical data, as well as the details of the mobility ecosystem established by Ulu Motor and SKYWELL were brought to light. With the partnership of Ulu Motor, the brand brings many innovations such as a limited number of NFT models, SKYAPP applications, on-site service opportunities, loyalty program and SKYHOUSE showrooms to consumers.

“We are establishing a mobility ecosystem”

Emphasizing that Ulu Motor, which has undertaken the representation of many distinguished brands in the automotive industry, aims to create a completely different ecosystem in Turkey with the SKYWELL brand, SKYWELL Turkey CEO Mahmut Ulubaş said, “With our new brand, we go far beyond just promoting a car. We bring a different understanding of service to the Turkish market with our unique after-sales innovations as well as our mobility solutions, distributorship and technology partnership. In this way, we are establishing a mobility ecosystem by going far beyond selling an electric vehicle with future technologies.”

A new culture on user experience: “SKYAPP”

The most important issue highlighted in the online launch was the brand's mobile application, which carried the quality of after-sales service in Turkey to a whole new level. Emphasizing that a brand new user experience has been created thanks to the application called SKYAPP, Mahmut Ulubaş said, “When our users need repair, maintenance or service, we will be able to offer solutions without having to go to a service station thanks to this application. Through SKYAPP, you can call the nearest authorized service to your location, share the location, and perform maintenance, repair and even charging services at the location of the vehicle. In this way, we will make our users a part of the SKYWELL family. Our limit in service is the sky,” he said.

Not a dealer 'SKYHOUSE'

Emphasizing that not only the car services but also the dealership and showroom understanding will be completely different, Mahmut Ulubaş said, “We are putting the first SKYHOUSE showrooms in Europe into operation in Turkey. Our goal in SKYHOUSE stores is to create a living room for SKYWELL users. You can have coffee, spend time or have a meeting with your family or friends in SKYHOUSE stores. Our SKYHOUSE stores are starting to operate in the cities of Ankara and Istanbul. In the first quarter of 2022, 20 different points will be added to these. Our R&D and Experience center, which will be operational in an area of ​​2022 thousand square meters in 10, will offer a perfect experience to SKYWELL users.”

“We will grow with strong business partnership”

Emphasizing that Ulu Motor will carry SKYWELL forward not only with its distributorship but also with its technology partnership, SKYWORTH Founder Stephen Wong said, “Thank you for witnessing the birth of SKYWELL ET-5 in Turkey. Our group, which has carried out many different studies since the day we were established in Shenzhen, China, 33 years ago, entered the electric car market with the SKYWELL brand. Today, thanks to the business partnership we have established with Ulubaşlar Group, we are happy to be opening up to the Turkish market in an assertive and powerful way”.

Another first in partnership with Bluedot SKYWELL

The SKYWELL brand, which has brought many firsts such as 8 years, which is the longest warranty period in electric cars in Turkey since its entry into the Turkish market, and the transformation of a limited number of vehicles into digital works of art with NFT, is breaking new ground once again. In line with the agreement signed with the Silicon Valley-based technology company Bluedot, a loyalty and reward program will be provided to SKYWELL users. Ferhat Babacan, CEO of Bludot, the technology company that provides a loyalty and rewards program to electric car users for the first time in the world, said, “With this partnership with SKYWELL, users will be able to see the nearest open charging station thanks to the Bluedot mobile application from the first day they buy their electric cars. While charging, it will be able to win prizes from the shopping and charging transactions it makes from businesses close to its station, and it will also have services such as car washes and roadside assistance. With SKYWELL, we have joined forces to turn the whole process after purchasing a vehicle into an ecosystem and turn it into a culture. While users are exploring this experience, they will be able to get to know the technology closely at every stage.”

SKYWELL ET-5 flawless beauty, unique features

SKYWELL's 5% electric model ET520 aims to become an important player in the European and Turkish electric car market with its powerful design, performance battery technology, range of up to 5 km, semi-autonomous driving and smart features. The ET5 also offers a large interior volume with its dimensions. ET4698; With its 1908 mm length, 1696 mm width, 2.800 mm height and 467 mm wheelbase, it stands out in its class and offers a spacious living space. The luggage volume of 1141 liters can be increased to 5 liters when the seats are folded down. With its 150 kW power, SKYWELL ET0 can accelerate from 100 to 7.9 km/h in 5 seconds. Shaping the mobility of the future today with its technology, ET3 meets users with a turnkey price starting from 807 thousand TL with XNUMX different hardware levels.

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