President Erdoğan Attended the Pirinkayalar Tunnel Opening Ceremony

President Erdoğan Attended the Pirinkayalar Tunnel Opening Ceremony

President Erdoğan Attended the Pirinkayalar Tunnel Opening Ceremony

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Pirinkayalar Tunnel Opening Ceremony via live link.

Here are some headlines from Erdogan's speech:

“This tunnel, which will reduce carbon emissions by 18 tons, will contribute to the protection of the environment, as well as saving nearly 230 million annually for our country.

The facilitation of transportation between Erzurum and Artvin provinces, which have high tourism potential, with this tunnel will also bring new opportunities.

This tunnel, which will integrate Erzurum and Artvin airports and Artvin Port with each other, will relieve the transit traffic towards the Caucasus via both cities.

I would like to congratulate everyone from engineers to workers, our contractor companies, our institutions that contributed to the development of the tunnel in our country and region.

As you know, one of the areas in which we have invested the most in the last 19 years is transportation. We increased the length of our country's divided roads from 6.100 kilometers to 28.473 kilometers.

We have left behind neither impassable mountains nor impassable valleys nor impassable rivers in our country. We built almost all of our 12800-kilometer railway leg, which has not been invested for years, from scratch.

By increasing the number of our airports to 56, we have provided this service to every corner of our country. We have made it ready for foreign trade with the giant ports that we have built and expanded on various shores of our country.

Likewise, we have changed the environment of our country with similar investments in all other fields, from education to health, from energy to communication.

Thank God, Turkey stands out with its most comprehensive and newest infrastructure among developed and developing countries.

Our goal is to make our country one of the 10 largest economies in the world and to have a more effective say in the global management system.

We have seen the meaning and importance of our investments in health by living together during the epidemic period.

We will give justice to this infrastructure that we have built by spending 19 trillion dollars in the last 3,5 years.

Not only will we reach our country's 2023 goals, but we will also strongly lay the foundations of the 2053 vision, which we will entrust to new generations.

We are taking a new step in the blessed march towards Turkey's bright future.”

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