Line Technology Will Take Its Place in the International Market in 2022

Line Technology Will Take Its Place in the International Market in 2022

Line Technology Will Take Its Place in the International Market in 2022

Cizgi Teknoloji Sales, Marketing and Operations Director Mehmet Avni Berk evaluated the year 2021 and shared his predictions and targets for 2022.

Berk drew attention to the fact that Cizgi Teknoloji, which they have brought to a certain point in the domestic market as a company operating in Turkey for many years, will take on an international identity in 2022 with their overseas expansions.


Noting that they anticipate faster growth and that their products will be competitive in international markets, Berk said that they have set a target for half of their income to come from exports in the next three years.

Stating that they participated in various international fairs before the pandemic and that they would continue their activities in this direction in 19, even though they suspended their work due to Covid-2022, Berk said, “As a result of our studies and market research, we decided to establish new companies located in Canada and the Netherlands. we gave We are planning to carry out activities especially for the European and North American markets through the companies that will be part of Cizgi Teknoloji. Therefore, instead of reaching the said markets from Turkey, we predicted that we would be able to reach these markets much faster thanks to the structures we will establish in these countries.” used the phrases.

Berk stated that they consider it appropriate to realize their investments and market targets in this direction, with the prediction that the industry 4.0 will gradually expand, industrial computers after the pandemic, as well as medical monitors in the health field with high export potential will be in demand and the market will grow rapidly.


Stating that the years 2020 and 2021, which were under the influence of the global epidemic, were difficult, but they completed their goals in 2020, and they predicted that they will reach their targets in 2021, Berk emphasized that there is a serious growth in the product groups, especially in the industrial product group.

Evaluating 2021 in product groups, Berk said, “As you know, we have three product groups: Industrial, Medical and Digital Signage/Kiosk. In our Digital Signage and Kiosk product group, which we mainly offer to the service sector, we have seen the effect of the slowing service sector in 2021 due to the pandemic. But on the other hand, there is a significant growth in our medical and industrial computer product groups related to Medical and Industrial products.” said.

In this context, Berk stated that the Industry 2021 investments, which gained momentum in 4.0, had an impact, and said that they predicted that the industry product group will grow even more in 2022.


Stating that they will continue to move forward with firm steps without leaving their targets in the new year as well, Cizgi Teknoloji Sales, Marketing and Operations Director Berk concluded his speech as follows:

“We foresee that Industrial Computer Group product sales, which increased especially in the last quarter, will continue to grow in 2022. Even though the market conditions and the competition conditions are getting tougher every year, as a company, we are making our preparations in this direction. In addition, we should not forget the pandemic conditions. We can say that the process, which continues to watch with different variants and seems to take longer, interrupts the work, although it is not like in the first periods. Despite all this, we think that we can overcome existing and potential new problems if we are prepared for new challenges such as the energy crisis, just like the chip crisis, by acting predictably.”

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