Citroën Ami Delivers a 100% Electric Transportation Solution for Everyone

Citroën Ami Delivers a 100% Electric Transportation Solution for Everyone

Citroën Ami Delivers a 100% Electric Transportation Solution for Everyone

Citroën, which works to offer transportation that touches all areas of the mobility world and is accessible to everyone, is now the 'companion' of the Turkish consumer with the fully electric Ami in its 101st year. means 'friend' in French sözcüInspired by fashion, the model Ami stands out as an innovative solution offered to urban transportation challenges and environmental concerns by a brand that is innovative and adapts to new consumption patterns inspired by its customers. Ami – 100% electric; While offering a two-seat, fully electric, comfortable, compact and customizable urban transportation solution, the model, which can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, offers a completely different experience for users of all ages as it can be used from the age of 16. Ami, which aims to produce 360° solutions for urban transportation, including car sharing, short-term rental, long-term rental and purchase, was offered for sale primarily for the use of corporate companies in our country.

Citroën Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım emphasized that the motto of Citroën, which is the car for everyone, is now mobility for everyone, and said, “The new model is a candidate to be one of the most important players in electric mobility for users of all ages. The demand we have already received has enabled us to increase our individual sales target from 2022 units to 1.000 for 3.000. Of course, at this point, the subject of supply will again be the most determining criterion. While Ami is currently being launched for fleet sales and corporate customers in the Turkish market, it will start meeting with the end consumer directly from the first quarter of 2022.

Citroën, which has a deep-rooted history of 100 years and has become an iconic brand during this time, continues to introduce innovations with the principle of producing solutions for every transportation need. The brand, which makes the life of its users easier with both its products and services, carries this tradition from the past to the future with the fully electric Ami – 100% ëlectric. Citroën, which introduced the Ami One Concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019 and met with intense consumer interest, brought this project to the mass production stage with the fully electric Ami – 100% ëlectric in just one year, and now it has put it on the roads of Turkey.

A green mobility solution

Ami – 100% ëlectric is a practical and environmentally friendly answer to the urban transportation needs of today's consumers of all ages, providing an effective alternative to transportation vehicles such as scooters, bicycles or public transportation, and a cost-effective solution, solutions for the digital world, easy access to city centers and so on. stands out. With Ami – 100% ëlectric, unique in the world of transport, Citroën provides a unique all-electric transport experience in line with its philosophy of making transport accessible to all.

“Customers will buy online, the vehicle will be delivered to their home”

Citroën Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım, who heralded that they will start retail sales of 100% electric mobility solution Ami – 100% ëlectric as of the spring of 2022, said, “Ami, a fully electric transportation vehicle for urban and urban environment, aims to facilitate not only transportation but also life in every sense. In line with this goal, it forms part of the online journey of customers. Ami – 100% ëlectric, which aims to make life more fluid and more practical not only with its driving features, but also in every sense, through the digital world; Whether it is car sharing, rental or purchase at different times, it facilitates users' access to transportation with various formulas. That's why we changed our way of doing business a little bit, we wanted to update our way of doing business. We are preparing to present Ami to our customers with an online journey. We are preparing an online purchasing journey. We will complete Ami's purchasing journey with a single click, with the system that our dealers are also integrated through on our website. Moreover, in this online purchasing journey, we will offer a privileged service to each of our customers who will purchase a Citroen AMI, such as sending their vehicle to their home or delivering it to the address they want.”

Mobility for everyone from 16 years old

With its balanced structure and maximum speed of 45 km/h, Ami provides confidence and ease of use in urban use. Emphasizing that it can be used by young people for fun activities, young adults for short trips or people of all ages who have an active life, Selen Alkım said, “One of the most important features of Citroën Ami is that it stands out as a suitable solution for anyone with a B16 license from the age of 1. Ami stands out as an ideal solution for daily commuting from home to work. Since there is no gear lever or clutch, Ami offers an easy and practical use.”

“For corporate customers in the first place, to the end consumer in the first quarter of 2022”

Sharing information about the brand new model's sales strategy in Turkey, Selen Alkım said, “Ami, our first 100% electric mobility icon that we sold in Turkey, first started to be sold to corporate companies in 2021. During this period, we have already made a sale of 150 units. At the first stage, we also had partnership talks with innovative car sharing systems. Our direct retail sales to the end consumer, that is, to our individual customers, will start in the spring of 2022.

“We more than doubled our sales target and reduced it to 3.000”

Citroën Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım emphasized that the demand for the electric mobility solution Ami, which was offered for sale for corporate customers in the last months of 2021, was well above the expectations and said, “We had set a retail sales target of 2022 for 1.000 only to individual customers. However, the demand and the signals we receive show us that we will exceed this figure in retail sales. For now, we have updated our retail target for the next year as 3.000 units in individual sales," he said.

“We can also bring the Cargo version”

Stating that there is a “Cargo” version of the model, especially on the radar of corporate customers and businesses, Selen Alkım said, “The Cargo version of Ami also draws attention. It has just recently been launched in France. If there is a demand, we can bring it to Turkey," he said.

Compact, handy and agile

Ami – 100% ëlectric, a transportation solution aimed at urban use. Therefore, it not only has an original and attractive appearance, but also draws attention with its extremely compact dimensions. The 14-inch wheels are placed in the corners for ease of use and maneuverability. With a length of 2,41 meters, a width of 1,39 meters and a height of 1,52 meters, the dimensions also support ease of use and maneuverability. The turning circle of 7,20 meters offers the opportunity to maneuver even in the tightest spaces.

100% electric Citroën identity

The unique character has stood out as the characteristic element of the brand for over 100 years. Citroën style is recognizable everywhere, yet at first glance. Ami rewrites the rules with its dimensions, volume and visual elements. While plain and elegant design lines dominate, Ami emphasizes the Citroën identity with its front design, especially the headlights and signals. Similar lines are also applied to the taillights to ensure continuity in the design. The front and rear bumpers, under the bumpers and underbody panels are repeated at the front and rear. Every part of the superstructure offers durability, ease of assembly and quality of workmanship. Depending on the customization options, with its hubcaps, body, lighting units in the corners, roof decals or Airbump®-like side pods, Ami presents an urban challenge-ready design. Rounded, manually adjustable small mirrors complete the package.

All-electric freedom

Ami – 100% ëlectric, with its all-electric structure with zero emissions, provides free access to all city centers as well as a quiet and serene drive. Offering a structure suitable for the requirements of today's urban life, which requires constant movement, Ami designs a new transportation format and responds not only to today's but also to tomorrow's urban problems. While everything is considered to increase driving pleasure and facilitate the daily lives of drivers, Ami provides free access even in the narrowest areas of the city center and minimizes operating costs thanks to its all-electric driving mode.

75 kilometers of driving on a single charge

Ami -100% ëlectric is a four-wheeled bicycle that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, offers a clutch-free, smooth and fluid ride, as well as high traction power from the very first start, thanks to the high torque value produced by the electric motor. Moreover, it allows a completely silent drive with its all-electric powertrain. Ami, which offers free transportation in the city, can reach an electric driving range of up to 75 kilometers with a single charge. This meets the commute needs of most employees. The 5,5 kWh lithium-ion battery is hidden in the vehicle floor and can be easily charged with the cable located in the passenger side door sill. Three hours is enough for a full charge in a 220 Volt standard socket.

3% charge in 100 hours at standard outlet

To charge the Citroen Ami, it is sufficient to plug the integrated cable inside the passenger door into a standard socket (220 V), just like a smartphone or laptop. With the Citroen Ami, which can be charged 3% in just 100 hours, the need for a special charging station comes to an end.

Comfort above the standards

Ami, which meets the needs of the modern transportation age in the best way, promises a peaceful journey to its users with its closed and heated interior. The sense of space is enhanced by the light in the interior. Intelligent storage solutions support comfort and convenience in the cabin. Apart from the front, side and rear windows, a bright and spacious interior welcomes the user with the contribution of large glass areas, including the sunroof offered as standard. The glass above the body line represents 50 percent of the total surface. This not only offers a brighter and more spacious interior, but also a comfortable field of view that dominates the surroundings. The side windows that open manually, as in the CV2 example, reveal a bond that Citroën has established with its past.

Functional and cleverly designed storage spaces

Large doors with a wide angle make it easy to get on and off. Ami – 100% ëlectric draws attention not only with its large and spaciousness, but also with the functionality it offers. With two seats positioned side by side, the cabin offers every passenger the sense of space and movement they need in terms of shoulder width, legroom and headroom. In such a small car, the slide-length adjustable driver's seat is a record, and the fixed front passenger seat offers comfortable living space for even the tallest individual. In order to maximize the ease of use, each point in the cabin is used as a storage area. Cleverly implemented storage solutions make life in the cabin easier. Apart from the storage area integrated into the foot area of ​​the passengers and large enough to hold a suitcase, there is another luggage compartment at the rear.

The cleverly executed design shows itself at every point. The symmetrical design approach conveyed from the AMI ONE Concept opens up new possibilities. For example, the right and left door designs, which are exactly the same, are an example of this. The rear-hinged driver's door opens backwards, facilitating access to the cabin, and the passenger side is front-hinged, opening in the traditional direction. The same logic is used for half-opening side windows.

High seating position despite compact size

The interior design also complements the exterior design with its material selection and design line. While the indicators on the steering wheel, transferred from the AMI ONE Concept car, offer an easy-to-read structure, the special graphics used reflect today's digital world and technology. There is a smartphone slot on the right side of the steering wheel. It transforms into the main vehicle screen and provides access to functions such as navigation and music. Ami – 100% ëlectric offers a high seating position on the same level as other drivers, giving the driver and accompanying passengers a feeling of comfort and confidence. Ami, which is the only one of its kind and designed as an alternative to public transportation (bus, tram, underground) and other individual transportation vehicles with two or three wheels (bicycle, moped or scooter), offers the driver and the passenger; It provides more protection than two or three-wheeled vehicles, and more freedom and comfort (acoustic comfort, brightness) than public transportation vehicles. Offering superior driving safety in city driving with its architecture, Ami provides excellent freedom of movement with its optimized footprint and without the risk of tipping over. Its closed and heated cabin offers protection and comfort even in adverse weather conditions.

Much more eye-catching with personalization solutions

Having a modern design and image, Ami – 100% ëlectric offers its users a more original transportation experience with its special personalization solutions. Presented in seven different versions, Ami can be personalized with rich accessories.

Ami – 100% ëlectric offers its users the opportunity to personalize their vehicle with innovative DIY accessories. The functional and decorative kit in question: a central separator mesh, door pocket mesh, floor mat, storage compartment on the top of the dashboard, handbag hook, smartphone clip, smartphone connected to the My Citroën app to access basic data of Ami with DAT@MI box (connection device). The colors used in the interior complement each other with the colors used on the wheels, corner panel stickers or capsules on the door. There are four main colors: My Ami Grey, My Ami Blue, My Ami Orange and MY Ami Khaki. Customization options are increasing even more with different packages, My Ami Pop and My Ami Vibe, which combine interior applications with exterior design elements.

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