Citroën Introduces Adventurer My Ami Buggy Concept

Citroën Introduces Adventurer My Ami Buggy Concept
Citroën Introduces Adventurer My Ami Buggy Concept

While the Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept reveals the entertainment-oriented Ami vision, it also draws attention as an enjoyable travel companion. My Ami Buggy Concept offers an assertive and attractive appearance with its body without doors and many special accessories as well as special graphics. Inspired by non-automotive worlds such as industrial design and fashion, the concept freely expresses Citroën style. My Ami Buggy Concept has a free style, but remains true to life, encouraging mobility for everyone with its fun, functional and eco-friendly structure.

Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept stands out as a highly original transportation vehicle designed to enjoy the precious time that is available from the hustle and bustle of life. Citroën engineers have created the original Ami Buggy concept for those looking for an electric and easy-to-use vehicle with a strong character. The concept is quite simple yet functional. Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept appeals to adventure-spirited users who want to move freely on the roads. The concept was designed to be a practical recreational tool that makes life easier on the beach or in nature. The panoramic roof provides a bright and spacious interior, while the absence of doors creates an airy cabin. The electric power transmission system, on the other hand, presents an environmentally friendly stance with silent and emission-free driving. My Ami Buggy Designer, Samuel Pericles, about the new concept vehicle; “My Ami Buggy is a concept fit for the non-car Ami project. We made it a cool product that makes everyday life easier. We blended fun with functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics very well. For example, we were inspired by the designers who brought to life many immortal designs for the smartphone holder. “My Ami Buggy Concept needed to be functional and simple in the spirit of iconic and contemporary industrial objects, and we succeeded.”

The unstoppable adventurer

My Ami Buggy, rising safely on its deep-toothed wide wheels, reveals an adventurous stance with its front and rear protection bars, wheel covers, headlight grilles, bumpers and protective frames. The look is enhanced by reshaped fender rims and cylindrical guards at the bottom of the doors. The roof rack and spare wheel underline the adventurous spirit of the concept. All these decorative elements are applied in black. The LED light strip on the front adds an adventurous touch that makes it easy to use at night or in the fog. The sound from the portable speaker as well as the light emitted by the LED strip supports the camping atmosphere. The doors are replaced by transparent waterproof canvas panels that can be closed for added protection in bad weather. The canvas panels are fitted with zippers to close the passenger compartment. These practical protective curtains can be removed, rolled up and stored behind the seats in special storage bags. The protrusion on the windshield provides protection in adverse weather conditions and creates a shadow against the sun's rays. Wide-tread mud tires and matte gold offset wheels offer good handling and increased stability on all surfaces.

Attractive colors and materials

My Ami Buggy Concept; It consists of three colors, black, khaki and yellow. Inspired by camping equipment, the black color reinforces the functional and robust structure of the vehicle. Different shades of black and shadow plays with khaki and citric yellow complement each other perfectly and reinforce the adventurous look. The bicolour exterior adds to the attractiveness and dynamism of the concept car. While the khaki color used evokes nature, black details provide a strong and modern look. My Ami Buggy Concept's; Many key points are highlighted in Citric Yellow, including the seats, the charging cable, the door compartments, the luggage compartment and some accessories. This eye-catching color used also shows that the objects serve a functional purpose.

Very special details

Additional details bring the vehicle to life to further personalization. The double stripe, one of the most important elements of Citroën design; It is used at different points in interior and exterior design, including wheel covers, front panels, side protection panels, bumpers, behind the side mirrors and storage areas. This not only provides the vehicle with a dynamic appearance, but also provides design integrity.

While the words 'Pilot' on the driver's side and 'Copilot' are on the passenger side, it is noteworthy that the driver's seat is numbered 01 and the passenger seat 02, based on motorsports. The yellow arrow decal under the spoiler refers to aviation, while similar decorations are used on the wheel arches. The '+' symbol on the driver's side mirror refers to the electric motor and battery, as well as the parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles.

Practical, functional and ergonomic

The interior of My Ami Buggy Concept; It has been designed in three sections as seats, storage area and luggage area. The 35 mm filling foam used in the seat cushions of the standard Ami leaves its place to the Advanced Comfort® seat cushions with 70 mm filling foam in My Ami Buggy Concept. Memory foam technology makes the seats light and soft. The cushions can be easily removed from the seat, replaced and washed. Inspired by the buoy design, the cushion designs consist of overlapping two seashells, referring to beach accessories. While storage areas are practical and portable, each has its own function and can be easily disassembled according to its intended use.

The storage boxes on Ami's dashboard have been redesigned for the My Ami Buggy Concept. The matte gold metal storage shelf above the boxes prevents objects from moving. A special trunk was designed in harmony with the interior of the vehicle. The waist bag is fixed to the magnet in the middle of the steering wheel and can also be attached to the belt with its loop. There is also a covered sailor's bag under the dashboard and is secured from the bottom with a pipe to prevent it from falling. In addition, a seat-height storage area has also been integrated into the doors. Apart from different objects, a specially designed large removable bag can also be fixed here. It can also act as a storage tray. An unusually designed button unlocks the rear-hinged doors like the Ami. The charging cable is fixed to the holder in the passenger door.

Attractive and functional accessories with a unique design

My Ami Buggy Concept accessories go far beyond being a design element. Each of them takes on a real function. The designers worked hard to develop functional solutions to make My Ami Buggy Concept both fun and practical.

The interior has been designed to make life in the vehicle and the use of functions easier. Since most of the accessories have the same fixing mechanism, they can be removed and fixed at a different point depending on usage. The camera holder is a good example of this. It adds color to life in terms of immortalizing and instantly sharing the scenery on the driving route. It has a universal fixing screw for fixing different devices and can be easily disassembled and placed at four points on the door panels with the practical disassembly technique. The side mirrors that can be adjusted with the ball joint integrated into the fixing points are placed in the slot on the doors. They can also be removed when desired. The cup or bottle holder is located on the dashboard or where the My Ami bag holder is. The smartphone clamp developed for Ami is available in My Ami Buggy Concept as a cylindrical holder with a clamping wheel to fix the phone. A new tapered brace has been designed to fix the portable loudspeaker in the round slot behind the steering wheel. With 3D printing, each of these accessories has been designed from scratch and can be reproduced on demand with the same method.

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