Children in Bursa will learn the traffic rules with fun

Children in Bursa will learn the traffic rules with fun
Children in Bursa will learn the traffic rules with fun

📩 15/12/2021 11:27

While the works are accelerating in the Children's Traffic Education Park, which was designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and will allow children to learn the traffic rules while having fun, the project is planned to be completed by the end of January.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many projects such as new roads, bridges and intersections, rail systems, and the dissemination of public transportation in order to prevent traffic and transportation from being a problem in Bursa, brings a privileged project to the city for raising a well-equipped generation who knows the traffic rules well. In the project, which was realized on an area of ​​6065 square meters on the edge of the Nilüfer Stream in the Odunluk District of the Nilüfer District and with a construction area of ​​​​530 square meters, the productions have been completed to a large extent. The project, designed entirely for educational purposes; consists of prefabricated, reinforced concrete and steel structures. In the project, which includes approximately 300 meters of bicycle path and walking path; There are 1 administrative management building, 1 miniature car warehouse, 126 covered tribune with a capacity of 1 people, 1 passage tunnel and 1 pedestrian overpass. The project, which is expected to become an important applied course area especially for educational institutions when completed, aims to learn traffic rules by experiencing the traffic rules for children.

Traffic culture will occur

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who stated that the project they prepared within the scope of the protocol signed with the Provincial Police Department will make great contributions to the future, said, “Transportation and traffic are the leading issues discussed as a problem in Bursa. In this context, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we are making important investments. We allocate the largest share of our investment budget to transportation. However, it is not possible to solve the traffic problem only with physical investments such as new roads, intersections and rail systems. First of all, each individual needs to be conscious of traffic rules. That's why we attached great importance to the project. We want our children, who are our future, to be aware of this issue. We believe that traffic is a culture. Our children will drive here together with our police officers assigned by the Provincial Security Directorate. We believe in the saying 'The tree bends when it is wet' and we will give this education to our children in the best way possible. I believe that our Children's Traffic Education Park will be used to the full when it is completed,” he said.

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