Transportation to Bursa City Hospital by Road Becomes Easier

Transportation to Bursa City Hospital by Road Becomes Easier
Transportation to Bursa City Hospital by Road Becomes Easier

Accelerating the work on the second stage of the 6,5 kilometer road between the City Hospital and Izmir Road, the Metropolitan Municipality pressed the button for the connection between the Mudanya Road and the hospital.

Continuing its works on new roads, road widening, rail system, bridges and intersections without slowing down in order to eliminate transportation problems in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality has also reduced the obstacles to road transportation to Bursa City Hospital, which has a total bed capacity of 6 in 355 different hospitals. lifting. The Metropolitan Municipality, which had previously completed the 3-meter section of the road, which is the first stage of the road projected between the Izmir Road and the City Hospital, started the manufacturing works after the expropriations in the 500 thousand-meter section between the second stage of the road, Ceviz Cadde and the hospital. Aiming to complete this road in 3-2 months if the weather conditions are suitable, the Metropolitan Municipality has now started the alternative road work between the hospital and Mudanya Road.

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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş made inspections on the 8-meter-wide and approximately 3-kilometer-long road created as an alternative route between Bademli-Şehir Hospital. Expressing that the Metropolitan Municipality is working intensively at more than 600 construction sites throughout Bursa, Mayor Aktaş said, “We examined the studies on the connection to the City Hospital on the eastern part of the highway last week. Now, we are examining the works on the alternative route we created between Bademli and City Hospital on the western part of the highway. This work is also important in terms of eliminating the density at Balat Junction. We are opening alternative routes for the circulation of Bademli to the highway and the City Hospital. Hopefully, this 8-meter-wide road will serve for a long time and improvements will be made over time. This alternative route will seriously relieve the area where there is dense housing,” he said.

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