Big Discount on Car Prices!

Big Discount on Car Prices!
Big Discount on Car Prices!

Automobile companies Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Dacia, Ford, BMW, Suzuki, Opel and Hyundai have started discounts between 10% and 40%. In the second-hand car market, where speculative price movements are most common, sales have almost stopped. After the recession continues for a while, 20% price decreases are expected.

Automobiles, whose prices increased with the increase in the exchange rate, turned into a discount after the decrease. In automotive, which is one of the sectors where the first discounts were made, the game of stockists was broken.

Many brands have reduced their new vehicle sales and reflected it in the list price. With the decline the previous day, the French PSA Group, which includes the Peugeot, Opel, Citroen and DS brands, was the first brand to reflect the discounts.

One of the models of the group, which announced that they made a 10% discount on prices, Opel Corsa decreased from 395 thousand liras to 359 thousand liras. Applying the same discount in other brands and models, the group pioneered the discount in automotive.


Renault has taken back the reflected price hikes by reducing 20 percent in MAİS. Renault's Clio model, which rose to 361 thousand liras last week, decreased to 247 thousand liras with the new discount. Dacia was also reduced at a similar rate to Renault.


With the decrease in the exchange rate, BMW has made discounts ranging from 17 percent to 40 percent. It was seen that discounts ranging from 10 to 15 percent were made on Ford models.

Hyundai, which is one of Turkey's best-selling brands and has domestic production, has also made model discounts with the SCT rate changing and exceeding 100 thousand liras with the decrease in the exchange rate. While the entire domestic production i10 model fell from 80 percent to 50 percent SCT, it decreased from 360 thousand liras to 240 thousand liras with the increase in the exchange rate. Suzuki also made a discount of around 10 percent.

Source: New Dawn

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