President Seçer: We Are Now Moving to Single Card Application

President Seçer: We Are Now Moving to Single Card Application
President Seçer: We Are Now Moving to Single Card Application

The Second Joining Meeting of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council in December 2021 was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. In the Assembly, where a total of 34 articles were discussed, President Seçer announced that the public transport cards used by the citizens would be renewed and the 'Mersin 33 Card' would be introduced.

“We are now moving to a single card application; Mersin 33 Card”

The issue of replacing the existing cards used by the citizens with cards compatible with the new system to be provided by the Department of Transportation, free of charge, was discussed in the Assembly. İmar A.Ş., a subordinate of the Metropolitan The issue discussed for the free of charge cards to be replaced by the company was returned to the administration as a result of the voting.

Providing information about Mersin 33 Card, President Seçer said, “Let me give a briefing for better understanding; We get this service from İmar A.Ş., a company affiliated to our municipality, by changing the existing cards. Now we are moving to the single card application; Mersin 33 Card. This card can be used in many areas as well as in public transportation, and it will have many advantages; to the cardholder who will provide the promotion. It will provide discounts on purchases. It will now create a database for us in public transportation. Currently, since we are working on this with a private company, we cannot and cannot reach solid and accurate data in public transportation. As we have difficulty in obtaining many data from the number of passengers we carry per year to the characteristics of the passenger, its accuracy is questionable. It is a very good, very nice application for him.”

“We do not want cardholders to pay a price when changing their cards”

President Seçer, adding that they do not want the citizens to pay the price while changing their cards, these days when they are experiencing economic difficulties; “Now here is our request; We do not want cardholders to pay a price out of their pocket when changing their cards, which is around 250-300 thousand. This is because of the current economic conditions. For people, let alone 30 TL, 40 TL, 20 TL, even 1 TL is important now. We say; 'that company and our municipality are also ours.' Transportation Department, which provides public transportation service, İmar A.Ş., which provides card service within public transportation service. Both of these are public. One is the company, one is the relevant department of the municipality. Let's prepare the legal ground and let's not take this fee from the citizen, let's take this burden on the citizen. In the simplest way, this is the event,” he said.

“It would not be right to take card money from citizens in this environment”

Seçer stated that due to the fact that İmar A.Ş is a company, they should issue new cards with a fee so that there are no legal problems when issuing new cards, and said that it should be placed on a legal basis so that citizens can receive them free of charge. Seçer, “İmar A.Ş. He has to sell it, he has to pay out of pocket. In this environment, it would not be right to take card money from the citizens," he said.

Responding to the proposal of a member of the Assembly to extend the free transportation service for healthcare workers, President Seçer said, “The authority to extend the time in public transportation belongs to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. If there is an extension decision, we, as the municipality, will of course implement it," he said.

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