Atatürk's Trust Cubuk-1 Dam Reaches Water After 27 Years

Atatürk's Trust Cubuk-1 Dam Reaches Water After 27 Years
Atatürk's Trust Cubuk-1 Dam Reaches Water After 27 Years

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality transforms the idle natural resources into productive ones with the right methods and opens them to the use of the citizens of the Capital. After an interval of 1 years, water was started to be retained again in Çubuk-27 Dam, Turkey's first reinforced concrete dam, whose construction was completed by Atatürk's instructions. The water to be obtained from the dam will be used both for irrigation of green areas in the region and for agricultural irrigation. ABB President Mansur Yavaş announced the work with the words “We are happy, Çubuk-1 Dam started to hold water after 27 years of work”.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts for an environmentally sensitive and more livable Capital.

Due to the pollution of the Çubuk Stream and the filling of the dam bowl with alluvium, the water accumulation in Çubuk-1994 Dam, which has been stopped since 1, has started to be retained again with the works of the Metropolitan Municipality.


After cleaning the bottom mud accumulated in Çubuk-1 Dam and the recreation area, the drinking water 'water intake structure' in the dam, which has been inactive for 27 years, has been activated with the work done by the Metropolitan Municipality units.

The water to be obtained from Çubuk-27 Dam, which started to be retained after 1 years, will be used in agricultural irrigation activities and irrigation of green areas in the region.

ABB President Mansur Yavaş said, “What does the Republican generation do? He takes care of his father's legacy. We are happy, Çubuk-1 Dam started to hold water after 27 years with our work”.


Stating that they aim to hold water up to 50 percent of the dam's capacity, ANFA Deputy General Manager Özgür Alçı gave the following information about the work done:

“The Çubuk Dam, which is the first dam in our republic's history and started to be built in 1930 with the instructions of Atatürk, unfortunately lost its function as a dam after 1994 due to the transfer of sewage from the district to Çubuk Stream and the wastes of livestock farms in the vicinity. Considering the sensitivity of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, and the increasing importance of water as a result of the climate crisis, studies have been initiated with the support of our Department of Science Affairs and Environmental Protection and Control, ASKİ and ANFA General Directorate. We aim to keep a certain amount of water in the dam and use the clean water in irrigation systems and agricultural activities in Çubuk-1 Recreation area. The initial establishment capacity of the dam is 13,5 million cubic meters. We aim at approximately 7 million cubic meters of water retention.”


Emphasizing that the water collected in the dam will also be cleaned of wastes with a 'harvester' and made suitable for agricultural irrigation as soon as possible, Alçı said, “With the bypass pipe connection at certain elevations between the spillway and the bottom spillway, it also gives rested and settled clean water to the canal in Çubuk-1 Recreation Area, thus making our citizens healthier. We will bring together a more smooth and odor-free water visually.”

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